Troubleshoot Issues Regarding Wavlink WiFi Devices

Troubleshoot Issues Regarding Wavlink WiFi Devices

Are you the one who has got into the hot water? As the wavlink devices have some issues. Many users face these issues in their daily life. No worries, as we are up with a lot of Wavlink extender setup techniques for you. 

Don’t skim the article as we are up with very meek and mild ideas on wavlink extenders. 

Wavlink Router some Out Points 

A wavlink router is one of the most incredible gadgets; as it is one device which increases the speed of the internet and because of which we can connect to anybody and anywhere through this WiFi network. By internet protocol address it can inspect internet designation. However, there are a number of WiFi networks being added these days which are making it slow. But, no worries, in this article most of the ways are given to reverse these issues.

Multi-factor authentication

It is a one time token code which is delivered via app or messages.You can know your Login credentials, which is something you know like Multi factor authentication can easily enable the access combination which is a dependent factor. 

Some easy ways like fingerprints, retina and iris or you can use face patterns also. Can make it more secure in many ways but it is not a permanent solution. Do not build the castle in the air. As there are some easy ways like, you can login into the portal of and change your Login credentials easily.

Check the Wi-Fi Switch

It’s relatively easy to flip it by accident, or maybe you did it on purpose and forgot. Either way, toggle this switch or press that function key to see if this is the case.

If you are currently using the network adapter wireless USB cable then, you should make sure it is plugged correctly. Try a different USB port.

Firmware Configurations:

If the Firmware will be an old or an extender then, this Wi-Fi extender may fail to connect to your Wi-Fi router. Then the  configurations of the updated Wi-Fi router and extender will not match with that of another one. Just by upgrading your extender you will see good results.

Forget The Router Name or SSID:

The WiFi routers and extenders users may sometimes forget the SSID name of their own router. Sometimes, Wi-Fi users may forget the SSID or name of the router. So, they cannot be able to connect the Wi-Fi extender to a Wi-Fi router. The nearby Wi-Fi connection will be shown on your device, which helps you to identify your Wi-Fi router.

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Forget the Wi-Fi password:

The wrong password will never allow your extender to attach to the Wi-Fi router. This will make you reconfigure your router and change the password settings. By logining into the portal of you can easily change the password. 

Come closer to the router:

Most people assist Wi-Fi routers that will broadcast a Wi-Fi signal throughout the home and so their wireless devices can have internet access. But sometimes, a wireless signal is not strong enough to cover the entire house. When you come closer to the router, you will get a strong signal, and you will move far away from the router, then you will get a weak Wi-Fi signal.

Building Structure Might Be Affecting  Wi-Fi signal:

The signal bars of the smartphones and computers or laptop will show the power of the Wi-Fi connections. From time to time, the building structure can make the signals weak. When it passes through the walls, buildings and even through the floors. So, just by changing the location of the Wi-Fi router will definately help you to solve the problem.

Fix Wi-Fi extender or Reposition The Old One

If positioning the extender to any other location isn’t a helpful one. For sure you need to install a WiFi extender then.This will extend the distance of wireless connection for reaching further areas. 

The router and the SSID name of the extender are always the same. Like, if the SSID name of the extender is “RobotExt” then the router name will be “Robot”. When the user won’t be able to connect the broken signals of the router, then there won’t be any chance of connection of the extender as well while using the SSID name.

Ap.Setup an Easiest Method

To setup your devices is so easy through Ap.setup as, you just need to enter IP address in the URL bar and change it. 


We hope this article is informative as we have given exclusive techniques to Setup the extender and the router. We have also given some of the leaps and bounds on the AP.Setup also to configure the settings easily.