Nine Tips On How To Be Consistent In Working Out With Lagree

Nine Tips On How To Be Consistent In Working Out With Lagree

Staying on top of an exercise plan is difficult for many, especially newbies. Things pop up all day long that throw a wrench in your plans, including your fitness routine. Although some people are naturally persistent, diligent, and reliable, others may require additional motivation to follow their fitness routines. If you are wondering how to be consistent in working out, you will find this piece very useful. Here are nine easy things you can do daily to kick-start your fitness journey and get results quickly.

What Is Lagree Fitness?

Lagree fitness elaborates upon Pilates’ fundamental principles. It uses the same principles and methods central to other forms of resistance training, like weightlifting. On a Megaformer, you can use your body weight in conjunction with springs for resistance and help as you work out. This full-body workout enhances the possible strength, definition, endurance, flexibility, and balance.

Lagree exercises use intricate motions that work for many muscle groups simultaneously. With Lagree, it is all about moving slowly and deliberately. As a result, you can keep your muscles working for much longer. To get the most out of your Megaformer workouts, go slow and focus on maintaining a steady rhythm. This improves muscular stamina and tone by stimulating slow-twitch fibers.

Tips on Being Consistent With Lagree Workouts

Here are nine easy things you can do daily to kick-start your fitness journey and get results quickly:

1. Choose the Same Time of the Day for Working Out

What you just read is the secret to any routine. Time is of the essence in all aspects of our lives, from our early morning rituals to our late night winding down and even our daily workouts. Get in shape by scheduling a brief period during the day when you know you will not be distracted. It would be best if you set your phone alarm every day at a particular time, e.g. 10 am. If you begin exercising simultaneously every day, it will quickly become routine.

2. Stick to the Same Wake-up and Bed Times

If your morning and bedtime habits are different, it will be challenging to maintain consistency in your daily schedule. If you keep the same daily sleeping schedule, you will find that everything else falls into place far more effortlessly.

Your body will adjust to the new sleeping schedule, giving you more energy. Consistently rising at the same time each morning makes it less of a hassle to fit in your training time.

3. Find a Trigger That Will Make You Go to a Lagree Class Every Day

Once you become aware of your triggers, you can begin arranging your surroundings to maximize the triggers that lead to desirable behavior and minimize the ones that lead to undesirable conduct. For example, having your workout gear in sight at the end of the day will be a friendly reminder to do your Lagree workouts.

4. Make Your Lagree Clothes Easily Accessible

Try to keep your training gear together and out of your closet. This should make it less likely that you will misplace your training gear and make it easier to locate if needed. It will be an excellent way to start your Lagree workouts for the day without wasting so much time.

5. Make a Lagree Plan and Stick To It

Occasionally, the key to creating a Lagree fitness plan and sticking to it is as simple as ensuring that your goals are attainable. Our lives and schedules change, as do our bodies and personal timing. However, with a little effort, you can still create and adhere to a workout regimen. Our Lagree instructors can help you develop the perfect workout plan for your body.

6. Keep Track of Your Progress

Keeping a workout journal is a simple and efficient approach to keeping tabs on Lagree fitness goals. Doing so can gauge your level of physical improvement over time. Keeping a workout log, however, might aid in the process of varying your training routines. This will ensure that your muscles are continually put to the test.

7. Set Your Lagree Goals

You should set some goals, but make sure your objectives are realistic and:

Specific. The more actionable version of “my objective is to reduce weight” is “my goal is to lose 20 pounds.”

Measurable. Make sure that your health goals are quantifiable, such as the amount of water you drink, your body fat percentage, your cholesterol levels, the number of times you attend the gym per week, etc.

Within a certain amount of time. You should set a deadline for yourself to do things. Just a touch of force will do wonders. This will ensure that you put constant, focused effort toward your Lagree objectives.

8. Have Fun

The idea that working out must be painful is widespread. This misunderstanding of exercise has shaped our negative attitude toward physical activity and made exercising a chore.

Here at Lagree, we are working to reverse this trend and turn working out into something people look forward to doing. Some ideas to spice up your workouts include:

  • Participate in our Lagree classes
  • Do your workouts with a pal
  • Change up your training by using a wide range of exercises and tools at our studio
  • Make a fitness mix tape with all of your favorite tracks
  • Consistency in exercise can be significantly improved by making workouts more enjoyable

9. Join a Lagree Community

Try to track down a Lagree fitness community or just one person in your life who shares your interest in fitness and is making an effort to improve your health and wellness. You should ask that person if they would be willing to be your accountability partner. Keeping it straightforward is the best approach. Simply sending a daily text to see how you are doing is sufficient.


Our bodies adjust progressively to physical activity. Ultimately, consistency will help you achieve your objectives. Without it, you may not have a sufficient framework for growth. Work first on identifying your objectives, decide the optimal path to achieving them, and then take the first step. If you are unsure how to begin, the trainers can assist you in setting goals and developing programs that are targeted to those goals. Sign up for your first Lagree Fit 415 class here today!