Dropping of Internet Connection – Fix With Complete Guidance!

Dropping of Internet Connection – Fix With Complete Guidance!

From the last couple of days the  router has been dropping the connection. No worries as many users are facing the same problem. And there can be many reasons behind it.

However, an out-dated firmware can be a reason or a network may be. We have appropriate solutions for you if the router keeps on dropping WIFI connectivity.

Temporary Defaults Causing WiFi

Switch off the router for some time, Long connection may affect the WIFI connectivity; this way the router will have less adverse effects.

Router getting out of the range

If the router will be out of the coverage area, there will be some sort of network problem.  Like the extender may not be getting power supply and the range is hardly in reach.

Interference interrupted

Routers can be interrupted by the heavy and large metal objects which are present in the home or office. Or we can say the electronic devices which are near the router will lead in distracting the internet speed or the WiFi signals.

Router can be dusty?

Hardware can also be a reason. So, you should resolve it by getting the dust out of the fans and cooling the heater.

Go For Router Optimization

To settle the internet connectivity issues. Optimize your router.

Why is the internet speed constantly lacking? Maybe the configurations of the router are not fixed.

So you need to perform these simple steps to figure out the issues.

Some of the settings for Setup

Now, firstly select the Advanced settings.

It will navigate you to QoS Setup.

Turn the Internet QoS Access on.

Select the Apply button to change the settings.

Do a speed test to verify the Internet Speed.

To analyze the speed of the internet many tools are available in the market

 It is genuinely fine. As you are paying for the internet and not getting exactly what you are giving for you don’t have any point.

Although, to increase the speed of the internet we would suggest mywifiext.net we have tested many times to diminish the connectivity issues.

Some new internet plans might help in optimizing the internet speed.

If you are still facing issues then, you can opt for an online running test. which can work well instead of paying plans.

Compare the results of the plans and the test.

As a result, if you would find that 80-90% of the benefits you are getting out of your given plan then I guess there is profit from paying for useless services.

Sometimes the servers you are trying to connect will have issues such as bad network conditions for example, congestion or the location we are trying to connect may also have some outage problems.  

Out-dated Firmware

If the router is old it might be a reason for sure that it keeps on disconnecting the internet WiFi and distributing the signals of the router. The software of your router could also be out-dated. It will hardly take some time to get back in the position.

The router can also be a reason so we need to check the router first to setup the firmware.

Router Settings Need A Touch Up

On the other hand, If there is an Internet connection issue or several reasons are behind router settings. Some key steps to be follow to Setup the internet issues:

Which are?

  • The Internet needs to recover – Let’s check if the problem is with the router or the internet is having some issues from the servers. Try to connect a cable to your computer or laptop to check whether the issue is with the whole router or just the wireless connection.
  • Check the device properly – If you want to connect to another device. However, the  router isn’t working. It may be possible that the specific device is not connected  to the internet.
  • Capacity of the device – Forbidden broadband connection, which you are trying to connect. So, try to upgrade your internet. As it can also make it initially slow in the meantime, just confirm from your local service provider that the connectivity issues are not at the end of the internet provider in your area.


I hope this article is helping Users these days to fix the internet connection issues with complete Guidance or you can take help of mywifiext.local. To resolve the issues.