Wavlink Extender Is Working But No Internet Speed

Wavlink Extender Is Working But No Internet Speed

Sometimes, the extender needs a setup for good internet speed. But the setup seems difficult but in reality exactly not. We will surely tell you how? As we are having many tips to resolve your issues.

Power Up Your Extender

For the setup, you need to power up your Wavlink device. For good speed a wavlink AC750 setup is necessary. For that, first, you need to unplug all the wires and then, re-plug all the wires and adaptors of the extender and see whether all lights are back or not. However, green lights are mostly a sign of a good connection. So, if your device extender is blinking with the green light it means there is a good connection.

Distance Between Computer And Device

The distance can end all the barriers of slow internet in very less time. This one is an easy step and can resolve a lot of issues, as once you move. Just aside from the device, you will see that the internet has improved at the same moment. As sometimes speed keeps disconnecting due to the large distance, and range destruction of many other objects in the way of networks.

Antennas Of The Router

In addition, sometimes because of other reasons and of the antennas, the speed may tend to slow down. There are different configurations of the router and so is the case with the features, some routers are up with eight antennas on it and some come with only six or four. Besides that, every time you feel a slow connection try setting up or arranging the antennas in a perpendicular direction.

WPS Button On The Extender

If you are trying to set up the device then, you must try this simple method of  Wavlink AC750 setup with the WPS. but if your router also has a WPS button then only you try this approach. 

Follow the instructions:

  • Powerline both devices, put the adapter in the power socket, and switch on the devices.
  • After a while, press the button on both devices. If the green lights are back the connection is successful.

Because when we press the WPS button at the same time on both devices the devices get a fast message signal. But in case, you have forgotten the password or the login credentials then, you may need to login into wifi.wavlink.com login and easily change it. As a result, your extender will take no time to connect.

Speed Test Is A Must 

If you are still lacking in internet speed then, go for a speed test. There are many apps that help in testing the speed of your internet which proves to be helpful. They will not let you know the technical errors behind the issue but yes it can easily make you aware of the band hogging. For example- it tells you which app is running at the end by which you will be assured as this one is important or not.

Check The Outage By ISP

If you are done doing these simple tips then you should try calling your Internet Service Provider. Ask him about the plan and process regarding your Outage as that is the one who might be bottle-throttling your data speed. 

Sometimes the Internet service provider starts shifting the data speed. So that he can manipulate you for a higher plan which makes you feel even better, with high speed and he can enjoy it with much money.

Just do a small thing in between, use wifi.wavlink.com and just change your credentials quickly through the portal. As sometimes the credentials mismatch because of a reset and setup. So configuring it could be a better option. 

Quick tip; If the ISP tries to manipulate you for a bigger plan. What you have to do is make sure to check with your neighbors.  If you and your neighbors both have the same internet Provider.

Blinking Lights

If the LED lights are Like, Red and orange blink it means poor connection. But if the Blue light blinks strongly then, the connection is strong and you don’t need to do anything more.

We have given tremendous tips to run your extender and router at a robust speed. We have told you to set up your device like a power cycle. Cut off the gap between the devices. By doing these small tips at home we can easily do a Wavlink AC750 Setup. As a result, enjoy the seamless wifi speed.