Our Guide For A Wasp Nest Removal In Colchester

Our Guide For A Wasp Nest Removal In Colchester

Whether you like it or not, stinging insects are likely to fly around right when you want to be out with friends, family, or your backyard pool. It can be tempting to try to find DIY solutions on YouTube once you find a nest and attempt to take it down by yourself.

This heroic action can prove to be quite dangerous if you don’t have the right training, equipment, and prior knowledge of pest biology and its behavior. Property owners often try to eradicate wasp nests on their own after spotting a wasp nest on their property. So here’s our guide with some important tips for you for a wasp nest removal Colchester.

Don’ts to remember while removing a wasp nest

Wasps are aggressive insects that can attack with little to no provocation, so trying to remove a wasp nest yourself could result in financial and physical harm. And for that reason, hiring an expert is the best idea here. Here are all the don’ts to keep in mind while getting rid of a wasp nest.

1. Burning a wasp nest

Wasp nest removal Colchester using fire is a very risky activity and does not work to get rid of the wasps. Wasp nests are made of a thin, combustible paper-like material that is made by chewing wood into a pulp. As a result, burning a wasp nest can typically result in both your property and you get burned badly.

Burning a wasp nest has the additional drawback of being ineffective at controlling wasp problems. This is because not all wasps are killed by it. The wasps that are still in the nest may become aggressive, and those that are out searching for food may attack you and any passersby.

2. Water

Another most talked-about method to get rid of a wasp nest is by using water. The truth is that flooding a wasp nest is not at all a winning approach. Using water to remove a wasp nest may do additional harm to your property depending on where the nest is located.

If the wasp nest is in your attic, for instance, flooding it to get rid of it could result in water damage to the ceiling plaster boards and attic rafters. Trying to flood a nest won’t completely get rid of the wasps living there, though. The wasps will turn violent and start attacking, similar to what happens when you try to fire a wasp nest, leaving you with a bunch of painful stings.

3. Using a baseball bat to destroy a wasp nest

Another widely discussed wasp nest removal method is destroying the nest with a baseball bat, racket, or other similar objects. You run into the direct danger of being stung more than once if you try to eliminate a wasp nest by smashing it with a baseball bat.

If you are allergic to wasp stings, this can be more dangerous since you risk going into anaphylactic shock. With this kind of wasp nest removal, you are right next to the hive, which often aggravates them and triggers an attack. Using a baseball bat to attempt wasp nest removal Colchester often results in being stung before the job has even begun.

The ideal approach to get rid of a wasp nest 

The easiest way to get rid of a wasp nest is to hire a pest control professional. A pest control specialist is professionally trained to manage and remove wasp nests in a safe and effective manner, despite the fact that it may seem like a simple job. The reasons to hire them are as follows.

  1. Safety equipment: Exterminators carry PPE (personal protective equipment) and RPE (respiratory protection equipment) to protect them from wasps. They are completely protected against wasp stings as a result, making it safe for them to remove wasp nests.
  2. Expert knowledge: A pest control specialist is knowledgeable about wasps; they are familiar with their habits and instincts and are able to recognize the symptoms of an allergic reaction to wasp stings.

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