How to find my IP address without an internet connection

How to find my IP address without an internet connection

The main thing most people know about IP addresses is that they help you connect to the internet and get online: but sometimes it’s important to know your IP addresses even when you aren’t online yet.

What do you do then?

These are the steps to follow if you need to find your IP address while you’re offline and what to do to protect yourself in the future.

What is an IP Address?

An IP address is a chain of letters and numbers that help connect every device to the internet.  If you have something that gets online, it has an IP address.  Whether it’s your smart fridge or iPhone, you’ll have one of these.

This carries some information, like where you are and who your service provider is, and without context, most people wouldn’t think much about it, but this is still far more information than the average stranger should have about you.

Can I Have an IP Address Without WiFi?

Yes!  You can have an IP address without WiFi!  This is mainly due to the fact that your IP address only changes every two weeks or so or if you connect to a new source of internet.

If your device is simply offline, it will automatically already have an IP address set for you.

How Do I Access My IP Address?

To do a quick IP address lookup without using the internet, you’ll just have to take a couple of steps and clicks.  On your computer, click the start menu, right-click on the network, and then select properties.  You’ll see your IP address listed there without having to hunt for it.

On most devices, including phones, you simply have to get to your network settings.  This can be frustrating if you’re not used to it, but for most devices, it’s as easy as going to check what internet you’re connected to.

What Should I Do to Protect My IP Address?

It’s vital that you protect your IP address if you’re concerned at all about protecting your identity.  Not only does it give away your general location and service provider on the surface level, but it will also tell people what sites you’ve been to and can get you into legal hot water if someone spoofs it to pose as you.

To protect your IP address, take the time to reconsider all of the behavior you exhibit while online.  Do you make yourself easy to find and recognize, or do you publicly use your legal name?

Remember not to cluck unfamiliar links and to pay attention to what websites you visit.  Although these feel like obvious steps, hundreds of thousands of people give up their personal information online every day without realizing it.

You Don’t Need the Internet to Gather Information

Although your IP address exists to connect you to the internet and communicate with your service provider, you don’t necessarily need the internet to get your IP address.  Consider using these steps to locate it, and remember to keep safe when online.