Correct way of handling hats by taking their proper care

Correct way of handling hats by taking their proper care

A hat looks good when the fit is right. The style compliments the face shape and size. What kind of hat you wear is a personal choice based on your styling ideas and fashion sense, but first and foremost, you must love the hat and take its proper care so that it helps to bring out the best in you. According to the American Hat Company experts, you must adore your hat with all the love and care that it needs by knowing how to handle it well even when you are not wearing it. 

Moreover, you must be familiar with hat etiquette and accurately handle the heat depending on the occasion, formal or informal. Hat etiquettes can be pretty confusing because while it is permissible to wear a hat when having a meal at a counter, you should take off your hat if you are having the meal at a table.  

This article will take you through the aspects of hat fit, hat care, storage, and cleaning.


While hats must be comfortable to wear, the way you wear it will be different according to the hat style and the type of look you want to create. Although there are some guidelines and measurements about wearing hats, the best fit is what you feel most comfortable with wearing the hat for an extended time. The hat should snugly sit on your head without causing any discomfort but at the same time remain firmly in place in the face of moderate wind. If you want to ease the tightness of the hat slightly, try stretching it depending on the material but be careful not to de-shape it. To tighten the hat, putting foam tape inside under the sweatband can work well. Hats tend to become slightly tighter in summer.

Hat care

Although some hat materials like felt or suede are quite delicate than leather or straw, you must handle hats with care in general. Protect your hat from exposure to harmful substances like oil and grease to stain the hat and make it look ugly. Ensure that your hands are clean and dry when touching the hat so that it does not make the hat dirty. 

Whether it is a cowboy hat or straw hat, holding it correctly helps to retain the shape. Hold the hat by the brim only and never by the crown as it can dent the crown and disfigure the hat. Improper holding can even crush the hat.  When wearing or removing the hat, hold the brim at the front and back with four fingers just next to the crown. 

Never leave your hat at any place that is too hot, like a closet, show box, trailer, or inside your car. Excessive heat can shrink the sweatband or make the hat lose its shape, which can then cause problems when wearing due to a distorted fit. 

During wet seasons use a plastic rain protector to keep the hat dry to retain its shape. Slightly displace the sweatband from its original position for drying in the air. Protecting the hat from moisture will prevent staining. 

Use a hat carrier when traveling and want to carry your hat with you without wearing it.

Hat storage

When not using the hat, store it in a plastic hat carrier or hat box that you can carry with you when you are moving around.  Hats are delicate and protect them from the heat by storing them in a cool, dry place. If you store your hat for an extended period, ensure that you clean it properly before putting it in the box.  As you can understand, you must devote some time to ensure proper hat care that extends its life and retains its good looks for a longer time. 

Hat shaping

Some hat materials like fur felt are prone to losing shape, and you must be careful in handling these hats to maintain the shape. Despite your best efforts, fur-felt hats might lose shape, and you can get them back to shape by using steam available from your tea kettle.  Detect the part of the hat that needs re-shaping and apply a light coat of steam to the area but be careful not to soak it with water due to steam condensation. Use your hands to bring back the hat to shape and keep the pressure until the hat becomes dry and the shape becomes stable

If needed, you must repeat the process to maintain them properly for a long time. To help the fur regain its stiffness, apply some hat stiffener spray that helps retain the shape. Take care during steaming to protect the leather sweatband from any exposure, as genuine leather shrinks due to moisture exposure and can distort the hat’s fit.