6 Signs that You should Visit a Physiotherapy Clinic Edmonton

6 Signs that You should Visit a Physiotherapy Clinic Edmonton

Daily activities are often overlooked in terms of health issues. The pain in your wrist may point towards a mere stretch or it may also be the prime of a serious condition.

Since work from home became the new normal, couch potato is no longer a funny idiom but it has transformed to a reality. Back pain and a good work day happen side by side. 

These indicators are often taken very lightly. Don’t think this a temporary situation or such a normal that it will pass. You should look for symptoms that point towards serious medical conditions.

Once you spot them, then you should call upon the best physiotherapy Edmonton for a proper diagnosis and thus situation will manage more efficiently. 

Back Pain Problems

Slow and light lower back pain can be a very critical indicator for misalignment and severe back injuries. For starters, if you lift up a 19-liter bottle of a water as a daily task. Eventually you will feel slight back pain as you are stressing your back.

Consider it at an alarming situation. Aging can also lead to back pains. Some occupations give you pain as an occupational hazard. You are required to get proper checkup by a chronic pain clinic Edmonton. They will assist you in your full diagnosis as well as good treatment.  

Headaches and Paresthesia

Overtasking can often eventually lead to headaches. Working in bright lights and excessive usage of headphones that deafen you from outside noise also lead to severe headaches. If you are feeling frequent headaches through your daily activities, you should be cautious regarding the situation.

Using painkillers on an everyday basis to keep you going is just like putting a band-aid on an infected cut. Sure, it will stop the bleed temporarily but it won’t remedy the situation.

In some cases, it will lessen the pain for the time being. You need to red flag this condition as a matter of urgency. Calling upon your closet chiropractor or physiotherapist is of significant importance. 

Pain Clinic Edmonton for Migraines 

Such kinds of headaches are extra-ordinally painful. They do have a threshold of pain but if you survive with it long enough, it will be the new normal. The threshold for pain will increase eventually.

If your migraines come and go as time passes, do not be laid back that it will pass as the day ends, call your physiotherapist immediately. Delaying it will only lead to much greater issues and increase in pain. 

Athletic Injuries

Each competitor is familiar with hyper-extends, separations, Achilles’ ligament wounds, jumper’s knee or even cracks. Numbing sprays are their life. They get back up and prepare for training again.

If you recently faced an injury during play, you need to check in for best physiotherapy Edmonton. You will get some confirmation for your actual state and recuperation.  

Sprains or Joint Injuries

Sprains or tendon breakage is more common than people think, and they are extremely painful. For example, whiplash can cause pain in neck muscles.

They ache every time you try to move your neck around. People still look around out of habit and are jerked by a shooting pain each time. If you feel unbearable pain or if it does not subside in a day or two, then you must see a physiotherapist.

Sharp Pain in Limbs  

Even an extra set at the gym can make your muscle stiff if your body strength is being used past its limitations. A stiff and aching muscle is a very common symptom of pains in the limbs. 

Chronic pain clinic Edmonton assists many customers for muscle stiffness routinely.  If you feel persistent shooting pain for 3-4 days, it is a significant sign that you should call professional and get help.

These are some alarming signs that you should never avoid when experiencing chronic pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How long should I rest after getting shockwave physiotherapy?

It is advised that you should rest at least 24 hours before continuing your normal physical activities. You must be mindful that you should do no normal or intense physical exercise in the first 24 hours of getting the session.

2- How soon can I see the results of shockwave therapy?

Normally, it takes 16 weeks after receiving the session to feel visible difference in your pain management. However, this timespan varies from people to people. Some are quick to see their treatment results, some takes 16 weeks.

3- Can shockwave therapy cause swelling?

Yes, you may experience swelling and redness in the treated part for a couple of days. But it is nothing to worry about as it will fade and would not prolong for undefined periods.