Why You Should Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

Why You Should Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

If you’re looking to set up an e-commerce site with WordPress, you’ve probably heard about managed WordPress hosting and how it can be an ideal choice for this purpose. You may be wondering if this really is the best choice or if you would be better off going with a different option. The following guide will help answer these questions and show you why managed WordPress solutions should be your go-to for WooCommerce hosting.

1) Optimized for High-Performance

In addition to server-level caching, managed hosting providers like Kinsta also cache database query results. They run full-page caching and even provide a Cache Analysis report that allows you to see how well your website caches are performing. Our own research reveals that using Cloud Databases can actually decrease your load times by as much as 75%. Combined with advanced security measures and server-level performance optimizations such as server-side caching, it’s no wonder more clients rely on managed hosting solutions.

2) Built for Scalability

A managed hosting provider typically has a much higher ratio of machines to CPUs, meaning that there are more machines to handle your site’s traffic. With managed WordPress solutions for WooCommerce hosting, you won’t have to worry about your website slowing down because of increased traffic. Nexcess builds these servers for scalability, which means they can handle spikes in demand. They do this with isolated software container technology. It makes sure there’s no resources shared between sites and applications, providing security at its highest level.

Typically when there is an increase in server requests (more users coming to your site), additional workers will come online to serve user requests. Having control over PHP Workers gives you flexible control over how many virtual CPU cores will handle specific tasks. Think of these cores as extra hands – when one hand is busy; another one takes over. These worker engines let you scale seamlessly without having to move hosts or manually upgrade hardware. Sites that see surges of un-cacheable activity or have large amounts of traffic will benefit from a dedicated solution rather than a platform solution such as VPS.

3) Developer-Friendly Code Editor

WP Engine’s command-line access makes it easier to access your code and manage database, Apache, and Nginx configurations. It also comes with SSH access and support for Git, WP-CLI, Composer, HeidiSQL (for database management), Sequel Pro (database browser), and more. That’s hugely helpful for developers who need to do more than just build a site — but manage their server, too. One of WP Engine’s most useful features is PHP version switching, which allows you to run different versions of PHP on different sites within your account.

4) Automatic Backups

How does managed hosting make restoring your site so much easier? For one, your website files are automatically backed up regularly. If your site crashes or suffers from any kind of data loss, you’ll be able to simply restore from backup rather than spending time and energy recreating everything from scratch. What if you want to download a full backup (files and .sql file)? Most hosts allow you to create incremental backups that backup only new changes.

Not every hosting company is created equal. It’s extremely important to choose a host that will give you fast, secure, and reliable performance. This is especially true if you run a WooCommerce website.