Why Should You Prefer Practitioner-Only Supplements?

Why Should You Prefer Practitioner-Only Supplements?

Whether you visit supermarkets or online stores, it is easy to spot various supplements that promise the best results. And with numerous options, individuals find it challenging to choose effective medications. Besides, choosing between POS and over-the-counter medications is a massive dilemma that people face when looking for effective supplements.

It is pretty easy to find the best medication when you know the exact requirements. As such, most people utilise practitioner only supplements, and there are several benefits in choosing them. Besides, although over-the-counter and POS are popular choices, you need to know the right option for specific medical conditions.

Are Practitioner-Only Nutrition Supplements Good for You?

POS are natural supplements registered under the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. Hence, individuals cannot buy these supplements as over-the-counter medications since they are accessible only when they consult a certified medical practitioner. 

Whether it is a nutritionist or physiotherapist, a mandatory consultation with a qualified health professional is crucial before the purchase. Meanwhile, quality is one of the attributes that increase the demand for POS, and people prefer buying these supplements rather than over-the-counter medications. However, people must understand that practitioner-only nutrition supplements don’t come under the “medicine” category. It is essential to know that these supplements can be acquired without any prescription. Though you don’t need a prescription, you can get the medications from certified health practitioners. 

You can easily differentiate POS from general medicines with the AUST L number. Usually, these kinds of supplements and natural health products will be available under these numbers, and the medications display the AUST R number.

You might wonder why practitioner-only supplements are not listed under medications. First off, these supplements are available in the market only after quality assurance testing and clinical trials. As specified earlier, the quality of these supplements is high and assures effective results. Above all, practitioner-only products can be costly. Ultimately, individuals would prefer an effective supplement regardless of the cost, and POS is the ideal choice to see remarkable effects.

Which Is Better: OTC or POS?

Over-the-counter medications are produced using a trivial amount of active ingredients, and the companies will take steps to keep the production cost down. These medications won’t be effective like POS, and the human body finds it difficult to absorb the nutrients and ingredients. 

In a nutshell, OTC medications are not as effective as POS. Moreover, they are highly effective as the human body easily absorbs them, and they contain superior quality ingredients backed by high manufacturing standards.

A Few Perks of Practitioner Only Products 

POS instils active ingredients prescribed by your health practitioner for specific health conditions. You won’t find a more potent substitute for practitioner-only products in the retail environment as practitioners prescribe them after analysing your health conditions.

Why Is It Essential to Choose POS?

Practitioner-only products are way too effective because of several elements used to improve the quality and effectiveness. Apart from the quality of active ingredients, their bioavailability and excipients utilised in the manufacturing process have a crucial role. 

In simple terms, bioavailability is how the human body uses nutrients. It is widely influenced by several factors like diet, health conditions, nutritional status and concentration. 

Generally, individuals don’t have access to practitioner-only products as they are mainly produced for dispensing by health practitioners. You can check out the online stores to find high-quality practitioner-only products.