Why Is Australia One Of The Most Popular Countries To Study For Global Students?

Why Is Australia One Of The Most Popular Countries To Study For Global Students?

Studying in a foreign country is not an easy decision to make. It might be a daunting task to leave your country of origin behind and live in a culture different from yours. However, it might give you benefits in your career that make this decision worthwhile. Australia is one of the most popular destinations for higher studies favoured by students worldwide.

The best colleges in Australia offer comparatively easier courses and varied diversity of subjects to choose from. Globally recognized courses make a great addition to resumes. In addition to such great education, international students get to enjoy the amazing Australian Climate and vibrant locations.

Here are some reasons why international students throng to Australia for their studies.

A Multitude Of Degrees At Top Universities

Australia has over 40 universities, among which 6 of them are ranked in the Global top 100 universities. These offer a wide variety of subjects and courses for international students. You can pick as many courses as you want in almost any college in Australia. There are over 750-course combinations that one can choose from in fields like English, engineering, medicine, mathematics, and more. The students can opt for government funded courses with subsidized tuition fees if they meet their eligibility requirements.

Vocational training institutes also provide professional courses that allow the students to get into their professional life faster and might also help in getting a permanent residence in the country. The courses also have a relaxed study system focusing more on home assignments and 35 or fewer hours of classes.

World-Class Academics

The Australian institutes provide globally recognized degrees. With those degrees, a student can gain a lot of leverage when they enter professional life. Students get to make valuable additions to their resumes attending these degrees, and they get a lot of preference from employers. Australian universities also have great resources and cutting-edge technology for research studies in scientific fields.

Working While Studying

Studying abroad can be expensive. International students are allowed to work for 40 hours in two weeks while studying. They get to pay for a large part of their expenses like rent, utilities, groceries, etc., with the amount they earn. However, they need to maintain the course attendance and progress considerably. The students can work in jobs requiring basic skills in sectors like tourism and hospitality, petrol pumps, aged care providers, agriculture, and more.

Some universities or colleges in Australia also offer work and internship opportunities. The jobs might also offer a lot of flexibility in the working hours which makes it easy for the students to balance their work and studies. Some jobs also offer additional work hours for the global students.

Streamlined Student Visa Process

The Australian student visa process allows global students to easily get a Student Visa (subclass 500). The eligible students just have to make sure that the requirements for the approval are met, and they have sufficient finances for the migration.

Diverse Global Student Community

All universities welcome global students. International students are likely to find fellow students from their countries in their university and feel a sense of belonging. This also helps a student to mingle with other cultures and go beyond their comfort zones. They might also get a chance to savor foods from around the world, participate in celebrations of another culture and learn new languages.

Bringing Family Members Along

The students can bring their partner or dependent child along with them. However, the family member needs to comply with all the procedures needed for the visa and meet the criteria of eligibility, including health, character, and English competency.

Gorgeous Weather

With a more or less warm climate around the year, global students love the Australian weather. The sun-drenched beaches of Australia see a lot of international tourist visitors. The global students, particularly from the colder countries, also love areas enjoying sunny and warm weather like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. They also welcome a warm and sunny Christmas.

A Lot Of Fun Activities

The international students also get to experience a lot of fun activities that Australia offers. Whether they stay in the cities or countryside, a getaway is available to them at all times. From the great Australian outback to close mingling with kangaroos and pandas, they have the time of their lives. They experience billion years old rock formations, rainforests and can go for mind-boggling treks. Aqua lovers enjoy swimming with fish, snorkelling, and scuba diving. International students who are fond of indoor activities get to visit World-class art centres and museums. The Sydney opera house also presents unforgettable experiences to global students.


All these are only the tip of the iceberg that Australia has on offer for global students. With rapidly increasing international students choosing Australia for their academic needs, the country has acquired the fourth rank on popular global study destinations, following the UK, USA, and USA.