Which Alternative To Choose From Google Drive in 2021

Which Alternative To Choose From Google Drive in 2021

There are many dedicated cloud storage apps available, such as Google Drive. A good app dedicated to clouds offers users easy access to files stored and protected even from mobile devices. The alternative to Google Drive naturally exists. At this point, you are wondering which alternative google drive app to choose!

We list 4 of the best alternatives to choose in 2021:

1. pCloud

pCloud is an app devoted to data storage, easy to use, and efficient. Security features such as encrypted folders and protected passwords make pCloud perfect for users and companies looking for affordable and easy-to-learn cloud storage solutions for everyone. It offers continuously updated tools and options. In addition, it remains one of the most accessible cloud storage systems on mobile.
pCloud lacks editing functionality. This is a problem for most businesses, as editing features are critical for storing large quantities of files in a cloud system. In addition, the scalability features are insufficient and many companies have to upgrade after a short period of time.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is the most popular cloud service available, so it deserves the second place in this special ranking. It is available for many different operating systems and for all mobile devices. Dropbox is a very permissive archiving software: it offers a free service to users and allows you to store a large number of files.
It has increased its security in recent years and continues to evolve as a storage tool thanks to the constant effort in technological advances.
Dropbox has worked hard to consolidate its security but still cannot protect user sensitive data from all types of attacks. Since it is the most popular tool for archiving, it is a stated target for hackers. This has led Dropbox to a whole series of drawbacks, even if it is clearly improved in these areas.

3. Sync

Sync is a widely used cloud storage software. It allows users to share data with each other without size limits. Synchronization allows users to access files from many devices. It also adjusts data backups so that archived files are recoverable and never lost. To consider if you need to share large files or large amounts of files at the same time.
A negative aspect of Sync to consider is the lack of organized data storage. Finding specific files is difficult without powerful organizational features. For this reason, users and businesses that store many files in their cloud storage space may find it difficult to find the files.

4. OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s software for storing files in the cloud. The best feature offered is its convenient integration with the Office suite. OneDrive adapts perfectly to programs such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Another benefit to consider is the potential collaboration for companies that want to archive business files for teams to edit them together.
In OneDrive, its best feature can backfire. In fact, the integrated Office products are valid only for users and companies that own the Office suite. As a result, OneDrive is perfect for users of Microsoft software products, making it the opposite for others.


Ultimately, make sure your cloud storage app has unique features that set it apart from basic cloud services. Find where Drive has been short for the best alternative.
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