What’s up with Capital Smart City right now?

What’s up with Capital Smart City right now?

Habib Rafiq Private Limited & Future Development Holdings Ltd. (FDHL) are developing a residential complex called Capital Smart City on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2, around 10 kilometers from the Thalian Interchange. Capital Smart City’s construction progress is covered in this blog. The construction of Capital Smart City is moving quickly. According to local media reports, work on Smart City is regarded as the quickest in the city’s property sector. Capital Smart City’s high-quality work appears to have pleased both investors and end-users. At Capital Smart City, equipment and labor’s magnitude is a prominent aspect of the development effort.

Overseas Block

Overseas block construction is proceeding at a quick pace. While the leveling and roadway building is done, the plotting is taking place. The overseas center is also seeing a lot of construction activity.

Overseas Prime

Overseas Prime’s construction is currently underway. There is a whole lot of development work going on in the area.

Executive Block

Additionally, land has been cleared and leveled on the Executive Block site as well Smart Villas building has also begun, and sewage pipes are being constructed. After Overseas-1, the executive blocks phase-1 is anticipated to take possession. As a result, the Executive Block is experiencing fast growth as well.

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Lake View Terrace

Also, in both executive or overseas blocks, the Smart Villa building has begun.

Capital Hills

Villas and residences surround the 18-hole flagship golf course at Capital Smart City. The construction of Capital Hills has begun, with ground improvement and cutting currently taking place throughout the neighborhood.

Lake View Heights

The building of Lake View Towers is proceeding at a brisk pace so that residents can move in as soon as possible. The Lake Outlook Heights are being built in Overseas block C to offer each unit a gorgeous view and generate an atmosphere akin to the worldwide culture that Pakistanis living overseas are accustomed to.

Access Roadways

The site’s access roads are now being leveled and built quickly to ensure easy and direct accessibility. The National Highway Authority has authorized the M-2 motorway’s designated interchange (NHA). Early next year is likely to see work begin on building the Smart Interchange. The completion and opening of two new bridges have been announced. However, certain bridges are being constructed at a quick pace.

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Horticulture work

Plants and trees are being planted as part of the project’s environmental conservation so that the project’s green spaces and parks will be ready to provide life to the venture when the developmental work is complete. A home development’s attractiveness relies heavily on horticultural effort. In order to further complete its commitment to environmental stewardship, Capital Smart City has implemented a monsoon planting. A certain area has been set aside for the planting of trees and flowers, and the process has begun. Already, the green areas are evoking a sense of peace and tranquilly.

Access to Clean Water

Capital Smart City is putting up filtration systems to ensure that citizens have access to safe drinking water. In addition, water storage tanks are being built to assure continued access to safe drinking water.

Clinics and Health Care Facilities

The Medical Clinic site has been excavated and is ready for construction. Now that the foundation has been laid, construction may begin.


Providing society with high-standard academic institutions is one of the primary concerns of administration. Almost finished the building of the Smart School complex in the overseas zone of Capital Smart City. Only a few weeks were needed to complete the construction of the structure. In addition, the admin block’s Alight school is now ready.

Possessing and building

Capital Smart City’s long-awaited apex has finally been reached. Overseas Block 1 and a portion of Executive Block 1 will be available for occupancy on specific dates specified by Capital Smart City. In addition, the management offers considerable incentives for the development of this block in the future. As a result, we feel that home development in various areas of Overseas block one can begin immediately. Capital Smart City’s early-construction benefits can be explored in greater depth here.

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