What does vinyl flooring look like? | Vinyl floor types

What does vinyl flooring look like? | Vinyl floor types

There are many flooring choices for homes and commercial areas. However, vinyl flooring has changed the game for many floor types. Not only that, it is durable and affordable but has a great visual appeal as well. Many people assume that vinyl floor planks/sheets look cheap. Well, that’s not true at all. It is hard to tell vinyl from other luxury tiles and hardwood floors. 


Moreover, the latest technology brought much advancement in its looks. Back in the days, it was only vinyl sheets. Now, you can get the look of hardwood floors and marble tiles in these vinyl floor types. So, vinyl floors are a form of luxury that exists at the lowest prices out there. That is why people need to know about its different looks and types. 


Is vinyl flooring a luxury?

Most people indeed believe that low cost means cheap quality. But, that is not always the case. Luxury vinyl flooring is not only affordable but durable as well. Also, luxury vinyl floors are known for their water-resistant quality and endless flooring designs and colors. So to answer that, yes, vinyl flooring is a luxury available at the best prices.  


Moreover, some added features make luxury vinyl (LVP/LVT) more desirable than a standard vinyl floor. That is why many people take it as a lasting beauty for their homes. 

Vinyl floor types:

Vinyl and luxury vinyl floors come with striking looks. Some are similar to tiles and stones, while others look like hardwood flooring. Well, they designed it this way to mimic the look of natural floor types. So, here are the types of vinyl flooring:


  1. Vinyl planks
  2. Vinyl sheets
  3. Vinyl tiles
  4. Luxury vinyl tiles
  • Vinyl planks:

If you have already chosen vinyl for your home flooring, good job. The next step is to select the type of vinyl floor. Well, vinyl floor planks are highly affordable out of all the other types. Have a look at some of its features:


  • Vinyl planks are durable and water-resistant.
  • If you intend to have a hardwood look on floors, these vinyl planks are the best choice.
  • In general, vinyl planks come with a core plank that makes them sturdy and durable.
  • Moreover, vinyl plank manufacturers can mimic different hardwood patterns and colors, giving you many options.
  • Only a keen observer can tell the difference between vinyl plank flooring and a hardwood floor.
  • Vinyl sheets:

Other than vinyl planks, vinyl floor sheets are also a great option. Let’s see why:


  • First of all, vinyl sheets are the easiest to install, especially in kitchens and bath areas.
  • These vinyl sheets are highly resistant to water content, as they will not let the water seep into the inner layers.
  • The vinyl sheet rolls come in almost 6-feet to 12ft, making them applicable in standard room sizes. 
  • In addition, vinyl sheets come in various grade levels and price ranges. 
  • Out of all the vinyl types, these sheets can cost you more than you expect. In general, they do not come as cheap.
  • Vinyl tiles:

If you are looking for an easy DIY solution that resembles marble stones and tiles, go for vinyl tiling. Let’s see why you should pick this type:


  • Like other flooring options, you can get these vinyl tiles in various shapes and sizes. Columbus flooring city provides you with as many choices as you want.
  • In addition, you get to customize your floor tiles in any way you wish. You can confirm the alignment with your contractors. 
  • Moreover, vinyl tiles are much easier to repair and replace when the need arises. 
  • Install them in your kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Luxury vinyl tiles:

Having lower prices does not necessarily mean a cheaper outlook. To rectify this common disbelief, manufacturers came up with luxury vinyl tiles. As the name suggests, these tiles feel luxurious and trendy.


  • So, luxury vinyl contains additional layers of planks that make it better than regular vinyl tiles.
  • This floor type comes with advanced durability and resistance.
  • In addition, they can be more costly than simple vinyl floors, including the style and versatile design options.
  • It perfectly captures the look of high-end marble tiles realistically.
  • So, it is the best option for a high-end luxury look at a relatively low price. 


To conclude, vinyl flooring offers the best looks in home interiors. All in all, vinyl comes in four different floor types. It comes in a variety of looks and grade levels as well. So, go for vinyl planks, sheets, tiles, or luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). Well, if you are concerned about its looks, luxury vinyl tiles are the ultimate option. But, make sure you get the right floor type for your home. For that, go to Columbus flooring city and avail the best prices.