What are the incredible features of the best CA exam series?

What are the incredible features of the best CA exam series?

It is a difficult month for the CA students because at the end of the June a difficult CA exam awaits them in July. The CA Exam Series or, in other words, “mock”, is a function that replaces and mimics a real object or function that operates within the program. The purpose of this is that when testing the program, the CA Exam Series is used instead of the actual object. Many have considered the mock as “exam simulation”, since the program when running does not use the real object, and when running the CA Exam Series it can solve problems or improve a program.

When using a CA Exam Series, it must be taken into account that its interface must be the same as that of the object to be simulated. Also within the function you must specify which of the attributes and methods are mocks. The output or response must be the same as the real object once it is implemented.

Here we explain the advantages of CA Exam Series and how they can help you improve your results significantly.

A mock is a unit test which, in other words, is a method that tests a structural part of the program. These unit tests are usually easy to code and can be created in a very quick period of time. Each of these has different types:

  • Unitary: tests small amounts of code.
  • Repeatable and predictable: its output must be the same, which means that the same result is expected whenever it is run.
  • Independent: they do not affect or depend on other tests.
  • Automatable: it does not require manual action on the part of the programmer.
  • Test public methods: makes the test versatile to change and can use regression tests during its implementation in the code.
  • Professionals: the tests must be the same as the original code.


Avoid being surprised by the actual exam

The CA Exam Series are done under the same circumstances as the official exam, so that the students put themselves in the situation and experience it as a real exam. That is, it anticipates the emotional environment that you will experience in the CA exam, so that that day they do not catch you down.

It is important that you know that in our renewed CA Exam Series, you will find the same topics and the same level of difficulty as in the real ones.

You can measure and improve your response times

As you know, the CA exams handle a certain amount of questions and a certain time limit to answer, the CA Exam Series give you the opportunity to measure your response times and thus in a certain way know if in the real scenario you would completely finish your exam.

Take advantage of this and if it is necessary to improve your response times, use the rest of the days that you have left between now and the date of your CA Exam and thus you will be able to respond with greater precision and without nerves.