What all you need to know to prepare for the Class 6 Maths Olympiad

What all you need to know to prepare for the Class 6 Maths Olympiad

Every year thousands of pre-university students studying in Class 1-Class 12 appear for the Maths Olympiad. The idea of the exam is simple; to provide exposure to the mathematical talent of our country. 

Here are all the details you need to know before you appear for the exam.

Why must you consider participating in the International Maths Olympiad?

  1. The students appearing for the exam get a chance to polish their mathematical and logical skills on a national and international level. 
  2. It also prepares them for any future national-level exams that they choose to appear for.
  3. It provides incentives and recognition to the students.
  4. It helps them strengthen their mathematical concepts and the syllabus that they are currently studying.
  5. It prepares you to give your best while under pressure.
  6. The exam helps you to improve your problem-solving skills as well as challenges you to think analytically.
  7. It boosts your confidence.
  8. It encourages learning and develops an interest in mathematical puzzles and logical questions.

How is the exam conducted?

Respective schools register for the International Math Olympiad exam. The students must register for the exam through their school. If a student’s school is not participating, individual students can register for the exam through a different registration process.  The exam is usually held in a multiple-choice question pattern in an offline mode. However, due to Covid-19 regulations, it may also be held online. 

What is the syllabus of the exam?

The syllabus of the exam is based on the respective grades of all the classes. Thus students need to be thorough in their school textbooks to understand the basic questions of the exam. So for Class 6, you need to study your Math textbook well.

What is the exam pattern for Class 6?

The exam contains 50 questions altogether. The question paper of Class 6 IMO exam is divided into four sections. The first section is the Logical Reasoning section consisting of 15 questions of 1 mark each. The next section is the mathematical reasoning section containing 20 questions of 1 mark each. The next section is based on everyday Maths. This section contains 10 questions each. The last section is termed the Achiever’s section. This is the most important section of the exam as it contains 5 questions of 3 marks each amounting to 15 marks in total. The paper thus carries a total of 60 marks divided between 50 questions.

How should you prepare for the Class 6 International Math Olympiad exam?

  • Go through your textbooks thoroughly:

Revise the entire Class 6 Maths syllabus well. Your Class 6 Maths textbook contains all the basic concepts on which the International Math Olympiad is based. Thus you must be proficient in your course book and have a firm grasp of the foundational concepts.

  • Revise the formulas

Write all the formulas and theorems in a separate notebook and revise them at regular intervals. Write all the formulas that you have studied from Grade 1 up till now in a notebook and go through them daily. You should have all the formulas on the tip of your tongue so that you can use them in the exam without wasting any time thinking about them.

  • Focus on concepts

Work to strengthen your conceptual understating. You will need to be able to apply the concepts learned in the International Math Olympiad Exam. You will get many questions in the exam that will test your basic Math. But, there will also be many questions where you will have to think a little to apply the concepts learned to the problem. If you know the basics well, you will be able to do the application-based questions easily.

  • Take online help

There are tons of study materials available online for the International Math Olympiad. You will find mock tests to give. You can also find question papers from previous exams like IMO Class 6 2014 Question Paper or any other year’s question paper.

Online help is also available in the form of books and lectures that help you prepare for the exam and guide you with tips, tricks, and exam strategies.

  • Make notes

When going through lectures of study material about the IMO Class 6 exam, be sure to take notes of important points, questions, and strategies explained in them.

  • Get enough practice

As you must have understood by now that IMO is about getting extensive practice before the exam to be able to solve all the exam questions correctly within the set time limit. To get enough practice for the exam, go through these extensively:

  1. Question papers: these are essential to go through. They give you a good enough idea about what to expect in the exam.
  2. Mock tests: giving timed mock tests prepare you to have the right speed and approach in the exam.
  3. Worksheets: there are several IMO worksheets available online to help you go through various kinds of questions that can be asked in the exam.
  4. Additional resources: these include Olympiad books, preparatory guides, and online videos.
  • Improve your speed and accuracy

You would approximately have 1 minute and 2 seconds to answer each question in the exam. Therefore you must not only work to improve your speed during the exam, but your accuracy with the answers must also be on point. You should train yourself to quickly comprehend the questions and solve them. 

  • Be positive

The best thing about the International Math Olympiad exam is that you do not need to feel any unnecessary pressure. The exam is just for testing and evaluating your mathematical skills and nothing else. The exam does not decide anything important for you. So approach the exam stress-free and with a positive mindset. Any stress is uncalled for. A little bit of exam anxiety is fine but other than that you must have fun while studying. Enjoy the puzzles that you get to solve and explore your mathematical talent.

This is everything you need to know before you appear for the Class 6 International Math Olympiad Exam. Make use of this information to achieve a high score in the IMO exam and feel proud of yourself.