VoIP Phone Service – How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP Phone Service – How Does VoIP Work?

  • VOIP Phone Lines
  • Full VoIP-based PABX
  • Secure web-conferencing
  • Full reporting tools
  • Web-based controls for PABX
  • Use on mobile devices
  • Range of plans to suit your requirements

Your existing phone system (traditional PABX system) and your Telstra phone lines (PST lines) are replaced with our Internet based service.

VoIPBusiness service consists of Internet based phone lines and PABX software (which manages your phone system). The PABX software is hosted on a server with them.

Using VoIPBusiness handset software on your PCs and mobile phones you then connect to the hosted PABX to allow you to receive and make calls as well as route internal calls to various extensions.​

A range of options and settings within your hosted PABX are accessed via a web-based portal for ease of management.

Why would you want to move to VoIP phone service?

The main reason firms are moving to VoIP phone services is to

  1. save money
  2. remove the need to deal with large telcos (eg. Telstra)
  3. improve and expand the functionality and flexibility of the phone system itself
  4. use the same system across multiple offices and devices including mobiles/tablets
  5. ensure your business presents professionally when you receive incoming calls

What makes the VoIPBusiness VoIP phone service unique?

VoIP Business personalized support and billing services as well as the ability to provide additional integrated VoIP-based products for your small business make VoIPBusiness service unique. Their services are very reliable due to our use of large-scale VoIP providers like AWS to underpin our services. And their technology is all based in the UK and so is our support and management teams.

​What do you need to use a VoIP phone service?

All you need is a reliable internet connection (eg. ADSL/NBN/4G) to use the Cloud-based VoIP phone system. ​​

Can you use SoftPhone apps to replace your old handsets?

Yes, today’s SoftPhone apps replace old physical handset hardware which allows you to use your phone lines and extensions to communicate with external and internal parties. All controls including making, getting and redirecting calls are finished inside the PC application making for natural usefulness.

The VoIPBusiness VoIP Service is a complete VoIP solution meaning that you can operate your hosted PBX without problematic old handsets.

Soft handsets are better than old physical handsets because:

  1. Physical hardware can break down and not allow staff to send/receive calls
  2. Soft Phones are mobile and can allow staff to take their landline/extension with them when out of office
  3. Physical handsets are expensive to buy and maintain
  4. Soft Phones allow for an app to be installed on any internet-connected PC/mobile device turning that device into a phone
  5. Physical handsets are more costly to install and setup as they often require integration into your network
  6. Soft Phones take minutes to set up and do not involve any network or hardware changes to be made
  7. Soft Phones work on mobile handsets as well as your PCs and Tablets to give you maximum flexibility and efficiency.
  8. This also means that if your staff does prefer a physical handset, you can simply purchase a cheap mobile handset without a sim/plan and use it by connecting it to your WIFI network.