Using the NetBase Quid Social Listening Platform

Using the NetBase Quid Social Listening Platform

Social listening is the process of obtaining information about a target audience based on social signals and topics, sometimes referred to as conversational intelligence or what a business would term social intelligence. Businesses must embrace social as a channel for product innovation and an effective tool for managing customer service.

They incorporate it into their daily business in the hope that these resources will improve their bottom line. Social listening uses Twitter, Facebook and other social channels to gain insights on customer behavior, including:

  • What are customers’ beliefs and values?
  • Which channels are being used for engagement?
  • How do customers feel about the products or services the company is selling?
  • How do customers act as a group?
  • How much are customers interacting with companies across social media and websites?
  • How effective is a company’s strategy on social media?
  • Discover new opportunities, strengthen relationships and achieve loyalty
  • Identify what makes customers interested in your product or service

Gathering Insights

The technique used in social media to gather insight into users’ mood, interest, opinion, attitudes and opinions by analyzing what they share on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms are excellent sources of social listening insights and engagement metrics, which are powerful indicators of market conditions and customers’ preferences.

NetBase Quid has features that help businesses better monitor social media in order to have the timeliest and informed social intelligence tool. It helps companies understand trends in how consumers are talking about their brands and what’s resonating with their customers. Organizations can uncover insights from conversations that have happened on social media but have not been reported by an official source. It also helps companies pinpoint topics for conversation and social awareness in the market. Social listening provides organizations with the ability to:

  • Survey the sentiment about a product, service, or company on social media
  • Solve challenging issues with clients, sales and marketing teams
  • It is an indispensable tool for marketers today

Identify Right Influencers

The process identifies the context around brands, events, and key influencers. It helps brands, companies, and brands groups identify the right influencers to engage, as well as new audiences and define the right message at the right time. NetBase Quid understands the world of influencers — those high-value individuals who influence key audiences. It connects with them in real time and provides insights into what matters to them, how they engage, and how their audiences are responding. NetBase Quid’s real-time real-world audience development process identifies the right influencers, which enables insights into engagement, sales, and more.

NetBase Quid uses a powerful, scalable AI engine powered by a powerful map of social media. It aids in gathering information from social media sources to understand what consumers, employees and customers are saying about a brand. In simple terms, it is a sound strategy that enables marketers to get ahead of their competitors by studying and listening to the customer.

Where to find Social Data?

Social data can be defined as the quantitative information that can be gathered from social media sources such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It has become a powerful tool for companies across all industries and has changed the way marketers are looking at social media and their consumers. What makes NetBase Quid unique? The platform combines the best of social media data, internal knowledge base, and public data sources.

The process is one of the best, most powerful tools for media companies today. It’s an intelligent way to actively listen to consumers and drivers of brand, product, and service insights and understand the voice and stories behind them. It combines listening with intelligence about the drivers behind brand and product trends. It reveals the heart of the consumer, the ‘why’ behind brand and product.

Who Needs Social Listening?

NetBase Quid customers are large organizations with budgets. These include brands like Coors Light, McDonald’s, ConAgra, Ford, Cigna, and many more. Why is social listening important? The software that sits on the web enables businesses to identify what consumers are saying about the business, even if they don’t use the business’s website.