From the time of human evolution, creativity and innovation have been non-detachable part of our life. Humans have invented many things and whatever facilities and convenience we are enjoying today is because of our ancestor’s creative and innovative thinking. You should understand a few things before going to any intellectual property firm like; what is intellectual property? Inventions like name, slogan, logo, machinery, technology, tool or anything; which involves the creation of the mind is known as intellectual property. Babaria IP is an affordable intellectual property firm in India. It is a law firm famous for being a patent attorney in India.



Trademarks are the symbols or signs printed on goods and other materials of a company. It is a mark that symbolizes the company’s authority and responsibility for that product.


A patent is one of the most famous and reliable sources of making money for many people. It gives the legal right to the owner to decide where, how and who will be using his product. No one else can use the item without its owner’s permission.


The right that creators have on their creation is known as copyright. It is related to art and culture, whether it is music, painting, writing, movies and many more. No one can copy or sell those items without the permission of their owner. The owner has the right to take Legal action.



Babaria IP is the top intellectual property firm in India. It was established in 2005 in the patient field at Gujarat Ahmedabad. Their main aim is to maintain good relations with their customers and avoid or solve their problems. They believe in customers satisfaction, and they follow only one rule customer is the king. They deal in intellectual properties and are expanding all around the world. They have well experienced and skilled staffs; who know the value of every item they have. Call immediately to get an appointment.


Intel advocate is one of the top intellectual property firms in India. They provide services related to patent prosecution. With the appearance of, Rahul adey in their company, it has reached new heights in technology. They are now more focused on telecoms, AI and software development. Their senior management includes Mamta Rani Jha and Hemant Singh; they are highly engaged, in trademarks and copyright violations. Their main work is to check the authenticity of intellectual property.


R.K Dewan & co. holds the position in top intellectual property firms in India. They provide the best experts who can help you in intellectual property litigation. They are eligible enough to solve the high stake disputes, and they are regularly oriented, by different industries like telecom, pharmaceuticals, FMCG and many more. They have two important people in their organization, Nitin Dewan for patents and Dinesh Nair for trademarks.


Intellectual properties are the most innovative and creative creation of humans. Protecting them is a critical task for the owner, and for that, there are intellectual property firms. These firms take the responsibility of making your intellectual property safe, and they make sure that no other company or individual don’t use it in some other way without your permission. If someone uses your property without your consent they provide complete guidance and support from every legal aspect to help you claim your property. There are different types of intellectual properties like copyright, trademark and patent. These all are covered, by intellectual property firms. Babaria IP is the top intellectual property firm in India. It was established in 2005 in the patient field at Gujarat Ahmedabad. Call immediately to book an appointment, and they are happy to serve you anytime anywhere.