Top 6 Things To Look For While Choosing Bathrooms Vanities

Top 6 Things To Look For While Choosing Bathrooms Vanities

There are many things you need to be aware of before you buy a bathroom vanity. The Bathroom is one of the essential sections of a home. In this modern era, bathrooms are considered a place to relax and revamp. So bathrooms are designed very elegantly. Bathroom tile on the floor to commodes in toilet and Bathroom vanities everything must be complementing each other.

There are multiple things one should consider while choosing perfect bathrooms vanities. But first, you must know the size of your Bathroom, location of the Vanity. Your requirements such as total space you need and the things you want to place in them.

The choice of size, designs, colors, material, and shapes comes second. So, let’s check out all the essential things you need to consider while choosing a bathroom vanity.

Size of a Bathroom Vanity:

First of all, measure the size where you want to place your Vanity. Then measure the size of Vanity you want to buy. Keep in mind all the details you need in your bathroom vanity. It is mandatory to know the height, width, and depth of your Bathroom and Vanity; after measuring your bathroom and vanity size, consider any product of your choice.

Deciding The Layout Of Bathroom Vanity:

  • So while deciding the layout of the Bathroom before selecting bathroom vanity, you must know few things such as
  • Plumbing location: You must be aware of pipes, taps, knobs, and showers in your bathroom setting
  • Electrical switches and circuits: They must be easily reachable and must not be blocked
  • Floor space idea: You must have an idea of how big your Bathroom is. So open all the doors of shower and toilet sections to make you buy bathroom vanity of the proper size.
  • Distance of Sink and walls: You can easily room around in your Bathroom
  • Distance between the cabinet and toilet bowl should be at least 18.”
  • Doors And Cabinets Should Be Fully Functional:

We have an idea that everything in the Bathroom must be in use all the time for bathing and toilet hand washing purposes. So while choosing a bathroom vanity, make sure that the size of the Vanity should complement the space in your Bathroom. So the doors and cabinets can be opened freely.

As the bathroom vanity cabinets are primarily used for storage purposes, there should not be any blockage for them.

  • Storage Requirements:

  • Make a memo list of the items you want to place in your bathroom vanity
  • Also, keep an idea of everything you are going to place in your Vanity and items which should be at hand
  • Also, keep a count of electrical appliances and recurrently used items and place them accordingly
  • The total number of people at home and how much stuff is to be organized in the Vanity.
  • So depending upon your choice, if you want a vanity as a storage space, there should be multiple cabinets and drawers. For beauty and decorative purposes, vanities have multiple countertops, so the decor items are placed on them.
  • Bathroom Vanities Types:

There are two main types of bathroom vanities. The Built-in vanities are used in large spacious bathrooms. Freestanding vanities are used in comparatively smaller and guest bathrooms. However, there are many modern and classy bathroom vanity designs available. You have to make sure that your Vanity is complementing your bathroom size and its style.

There are many options in the countertops used over vanities. And this has an awe-inspiring play in the overall look of your bathroom interior. Specialized and customized bathroom vanities are also available. There is also a great variety of really luxurious bathroom vanities in the market.

  • Sink Selection For Bathroom Vanity:

So after selecting the type of Vanity, the next major thing to choose is the key to any bathroom that is its Sink. So make sure that the Sink must be accurately fitting inside the Vanity. The selection of sinks depends upon your height, cleaning and outlook. Must have been positioned correctly inside the vanity cabinets. It must be in alignment with the plumbing region.

There are many types of sinks available. A few of the elegant and stylish choices are as follows.

Recessed, Vessel, etc.

  • Recessed Sinks:

The recessed sinks are dipped inside the bathroom vanity. These sinks are convenient to clean and surround less space.

  • Vessel Sinks:

They come in my styles, materials, and sizes. But have is one significant setback: the tilted height, as this height, can be a difficulty for little kids at home. They also surround a little more space than the standard sinks.

  • Price of The Bathroom Vanity:

The price of the Bathroom Vanity should match your affordability. So choose the Vanity of reasonable prices. So for that, you have to do all your research and analysis before buying a bathroom vanity. And then choose Vanity after doing price comparisons, customer reviews, and ratings to have a better value of money and quality of the product you will buy.

  • Check For The Warranty of The Bathroom Vanity:

Make sure that the brand provides you with a value back guarantee of the Vanity you are going to purchase. The warranty will help maintain the product’s quality functionality for a longer duration with less spending money on its maintenance.

Online store to buy Bathroom Vanities:

There are many brands that deal in modern and luxurious Bathrooms Vanities. One of them is a kitchen design gallery. You can visit this website online to get a chance to buy great designs and modern style Bathroom vanities from the comfort of your home.


Before buying a bathroom vanity, focus on a few important things: the measurements of your Bathroom, choice of Vanity should complement the size of the Bathroom, the storage sizes of the cabinets, and the material used. Bathroom vanities come in many different styles, such as Freestanding, Built-in, Corner vanities. 

There are multiple choices in Countertops designs, the shapes of sinks, and Faucets installed. Finally, select one which suits and fits very elegantly in your bathroom setting. It just adds more space, more lightness, and more style to the overall look of your Bathroom. There are many online options as well to choose Vanities for your bathrooms from the comfort of home.