Top 6 Hair Care Tricks to Beat Bad Hair Days in Winter

Top 6 Hair Care Tricks to Beat Bad Hair Days in Winter

Winters are tough times for hair as the problem of dry, itchy scalp; hair fall is very common in this season. As the temperature falls and cool wind blows, the scalp becomes dry causing further hair damage. So, one needs to take extra care of hair during winters.

Here are six tips you can use to protect your hair from cold damage this winter:

1. Wear a Head Gear and Never go out with Damp Hair

One must wear a suitable hat or scarf in winters when going out in the sun. It will not only protect the hair from dust and UV rays, but will also safeguard them from getting dry.

Avoid wearing tight scarf or woolen caps as they tend to cause hair breakage. They even tend to develop a static charge causing hair to be frizzy.

Do not go out in cold with damp hair to bypass the chances of hair fall or breakage. Wet hair become more soft and tender and the chilly weather outside may damage them excessively.

2. Avoid overuse of Shampoo and Styling Tools

Do not shampoo you hair as much as you do in summers. Limit the frequency of hair wash to twice a week. You must opt for a mild chemical free shampoo so that hair damage can be minimized. Washing hair frequently will make your scalp itchy and flaky.

The use of styling tools like rollers, curlers or straighteners make your hair dry. So, one must avoid their use during winters. Use of hair dryers should also be reduced as the heat of these tools makes your hair dry and weak.

3. Apply Natural Oils & Use Lukewarm Water for Hair Wash

Apply any natural hair oil may be coconut, castor, almond or bhringraj oil , whichever suits you the best. Apply warm oil in night and wash it off in the morning. This routine will really nourish you hair from deep inside.

One should not use hot water for washing the hair as excessive heat tends to take away the natural moisture of hair. Always use lukewarm water or water at room temperature to wash your hair.

4. Use a Deep Conditioning Treatment

Once in a week, you must go for a deep conditioning treatment of your hair. A good conditioner will help retain moisture in hair and keep them soft and silky.

They ensure deeper penetration of useful elements in hair strands and keep them healthy.

5. Regular Trimming

Split ends tend to stop the natural growth of your hair. So, it is essential to have a hair cut or a trimming once in every three months. This will ensure the regular growth of your hair.

6. If things cannot be controlled, consult a Hair Doctor

If you still can’t protect your hair by following the above tips, you must book an appointment with a hair doctor in Jaipur and seek his advice.

Apart from the above specific tips, there are some general health and hygiene tips that may also work for you-

a. Drink plenty of water

b. Use a clean soft towel for drying up your hair.

c. Do not share your towel with anyone.

d. Use a clean pillow cover.

e. Eat all the seasonal vegetables and fruits such as -amla, carrot, orange, beetroot etc. They provide excellent nourishment for hair.

f. Use de-tangle brushes to reduce hair breakage.

g. Keep your combs clean.