Tips To Get Incredible Boxes Printing With Less Budget

Tips To Get Incredible Boxes Printing With Less Budget

Boxes printing is, no doubt, an essential thing for a business to promote itself in the market. It adds a professional flair to your product presentation and uplifts the customers’ experiences with your brand. It matters a lot in determining whether the customers would be influenced to purchase from you or not. Experiencing higher printing costs is often one of the major concerns, especially for small-scale businesses. Sound planning is required to reduce the printing costs to fit your meager budget. It should be clear here that cutting on the printing costs does not mean cutting off the box’s aesthetic quality. There are plenty of ways to print boxes in a high-quality manner while staying within a minimal budget. 


Suitable material option:

The type of material you select for printing the packaging is an important consideration. You cannot afford to go for the plastic material as it does not provide effective printing results. Select a cardboard stock, the one having a lesser thickness. The cost can get really expensive if you are using cardboard with a richer density. The lighter cardboard variant involves less manufacturing, due to which it is relatively inexpensive. The lighter the cardboard is, the more efficiently it will absorb the ink to provide greater printing efficiency. The printed graphics and patterns will stand out more on such packaging material. The choice of material might vary according to the type of printing method in use. Cardboard might not provide the best printing results with every printing technology. In that case, you can go for other material options that are print-compatible such as Kraft and corrugated cardboard. 


Single color approach:

Prioritizing a single-color approach for your custom product boxes can help you get productive results without worrying about the cost. Full-color printing is also an option, but it is a bit more expensive than the other. The best option here is to go for black ink since it provides a perfect contrast against the brown box appearance. This does not incur that you can never opt for full-color printing. It is required for the packages to have rich visuals and promotional branding touch. In cases where there is no benefit of printing the boxes in color, prefer using black ink. If you want to avoid clutter in your packaging design, for instance, this approach will work efficiently well. It reduces the visual noise and makes it convenient for the target audience to perceive the visual information you have printed. 


Use correct fonts:

As per the latest research, you can use particular typefaces for exquisite printing results at lesser costs. Arial fonts tend to utilize heavier inks during the printing process that results in more costs. The selection of fonts also has an influence on the readability of the text. Kristen ITC, Helvetica, and Vivaldi are some common fonts that have a negative impact on text legibility. So, the selection of corrective fonts is needed to make a step in the right direction. You must prioritize using Times New Roman, Ecofont, and Century Gothic. All these typefaces are economical for printing and help to maintain the readability of the printed information. The printed details might also get affected by the inappropriate size and color of the typefaces. The best recommendation in this aspect is to make a target-oriented selection as they are the ones who will see your packages. 


Right printing method:

To print down aesthetic designs, both digital and offset printing are wiser choices. But depending upon your order quantity, one might save you more money than the other. Digital printing is heaven for those who want to print low-run projects due to its cost-efficiency. Its working principle is the same as of office printer and prints projects in a relatively lesser time. The only drawback is that this printing method might not match the color conformity and material flexibility. The offset printing method is extremely purposeful when you want to print in higher volumes. It utilizes metal plates to print down colors on the cardboard sheets and proffer a higher image quality. It has the drawback of taking too much time for low-volume projects. Go for the method that suits your printing needs in a better and superior way. 


Follow printing zone:

To obtain exceptional custom printing boxes without paying extra costs, it is pertinent to emphasize the printing bleed. Bleed is usually an area of prints that goes beyond the fold lines of your packaging boxes. It spreads ink all over your boxes, due to which you might have to do your printing job right from the start. A creative idea in this aspect is to leave ample space on all four edges of your packages. This portion is cut during the folding or binding of the packages. Make sure to leave this extra space blank by avoiding printing any sort of design or visual information. It will provide you with an additional margin for printing errors. The result is that you would not have to bear the costs of printing irrelevant designs. The aesthetic appearance would look less cluttered, and printed visuals would stand out more.


To make your boxes printing practices efficient in terms of cost and aesthetic value, you need to consider various factors. It is critical for you to choose the appropriate materials, printing methods, and typefaces to optimize the printing process. You also need to stay in the printing zone to avoid paying added charges and clutter-like effects.