The Good and the Bad of .NET Framework Programming

The Good and the Bad of .NET Framework Programming

The well-known software development framework is .NET which is developed by Microsoft. The plan was to build applications that can be operating on the Windows platform. The first was launched in 2002 of this framework.

We can design web-based applications as well as form-based applications with the help of .NET framework and also can develop web services. Hire .Net developers for the best development. It supports many programming languages such as Visual Basic, C#, etc., and supports developers to select a language and develop the required application.

Let’s talk about the good and the bad things of the .NET framework programming.

Goods of .NET Framework Programming

Good Catching System

.NET can simply store data for the moment because its catching system is easy to use as well as reliable. It allows customizing the cache operation so with the help of this developers can get better performance and scale as required.

Visual Studio

.NET includes a Visual Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It allows developers to build applications without much effort and debug as well as publish these applications across a wide variety of platforms and operating systems.


.NET is based on the model of object-oriented programming (OOP) so in this firstly the software divides into smaller chunks or tasks. Then, developers work on all tasks individually. Once a task is finished, they move on to the upcoming task. When all individual tasks get completed, they are combined and can be managed more efficiently.

Simple Deployment & Maintenance

The deployment and maintenance have been easy with the help of the modular design of .NET Framework. Hire dedicated developers who can Execute applications, solve the issues that need to be fixed or updated as well as set them back together. 

Cross-Platform Development

.NET Core is known as cross-platform .NET execution that allows running code on Linux, Windows, and macOS. The unique .NET framework is not generally open like the .NET Core. The .NET Core makes sure that a big community of engineers can constantly give to its development.

It permits organizations to reach a large range of platforms staying within the .NET environment. Also, the model of cross-platform design assures that a pool of different engineers (or the complete .NET community) shares the knowledge.

Universal .NET Standard

When .Net developers you hire, use the .NET development tools to create an application then they do not need to redevelop the same apps for every new platform. The .NET framework has a large class library collection of the practical functions that developers could need. It supports projects that interact with databases and need rendering graphics. Furthermore, it has made them much simpler to manipulate XML documents.

Big Community

.NET collects engineers from small to enterprise-grade organizations. Therefore, it has a huge community of developers that supports solving almost every issue. Just because .NET Core is an open-source platform it has multiple contributions, as well as its compiler, libraries, and runtime, which are accessible on GitHub.

Automatic Monitoring in ASP.NET

The nastiest thing that occurs during the coding procedure is when anything goes incorrect, and you notice it too late or don’t even see it at all. To overcome this kind of thing the automation monitoring feature of ASP.NET plays an important role as it supports you to inform when a memory leak or an infinite loop pops up as well as some other issue occurs.

Bads of .NET Framework Programming

Partial Object-Relational Support

Entity Framework builds the object-relational programming of .NET. The flexibility of this framework about new database designs is anxiety as the framework may not support the emerging ones.

Vendor Lock-in

Since the .NET collection is under Microsoft, some changes made by the organization will certainly impact projects done under the framework. It notifies developers will have less control.

Stability Issues for New Releases

When anytime Microsoft Choose to make new updates or launch a new feature, documents and support can be missing. It can increase project stability issues.

Licensing charges

The .NET app development is not a cheap option. A huge amount of money gets spent on Visual Studio IDE, other extra collaboration as well as quality assurance services provided by Microsoft.

Even though you can use the .NET Core on Mac and Linux machines as well as it is optional to use Windows for .NET engineering as it comes along with licensing costs.

Final Words

We have discussed the goods and bads of the .NET framework programming; still, if you are confused about when to use this framework, you must think about the following points:

Scalable Products

.NET gives scalable surroundings and provides authorization for redesigning ongoing programs to shape the rising wishes of the commercial enterprise.

Cross-Platform Requirement

.NET is one of the best choices if you want your app to run across different platforms. With the help of this, you can decrease the development attempts while going up your laptop or mobile app to other operating systems. It can be utilized for specific engineering cases such as AR improvement. You can hire dedicated developer for your best assistance. 

Enterprise-scale Infrastructure

Microsoft offers a large set of tools to design and cross-integrate products – both internal as well as the public. It helps a make strong association mobility ecosystem.

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