The best military grade hand held CB radio, the Cobra HH50WXST

The best military grade hand held CB radio, the Cobra HH50WXST

The best military grade hand held CB radio, the Cobra HH50WXST

Portable keying device Cobra HH 50 WX ST. You will be able to stay up-to-date on road conditions by listening to all 40 CB channels and the ten more weather channels. Cobra’s Soundtracker Noise Reduction System minimizes interference, allowing you to converse clearly. Regardless of whether it’s daytime or nighttime, the rugged design and multifunctional display let you operate the device. Cobra HH 50 WX ST features an array of powerful and functional features, including a 12-volt cord.

Information about the product:

Brand Cobra
Colour Black
Number of Channels 40
Item Dimensions LxWxH A good size of 6.3 inches by 2 inches by 1.75 inches
Item Weight 0.64 Pounds

Military Grade Walkie Talkie

This item’s description

  • Your communication will be crystal clear and with no interference or static noise from the sound tracker.
  • Stay informed about changing conditions and hazards by streaming NOAA weather channels online 24 hours a day.
  • With 40 options, you can automatically find the best signal. There will be no more searching for strong passwords manually.
  • Dual watches allow you to simultaneously monitor two channels. Listen for incoming transmissions on multiple channels when you hear alerts around you.
  • Maximum power is available with a 4 Watt power output – extending the range of communication.

CB Citizens Band 2-Way Cobra Citizens Band

With a compact and simple design, this radio is designed for use with Citizens Band (CB) radio service. Citizen Band offers the convenience and reliability of a handheld CB radio with the security that you’ll always be connected no matter where you are.

There are ten separate National Weather Channels that users can access using it. You can access the usual 40 CB channels on Citizens Band and operate in high or low power through a switch. You can save power by switching in between low and high power while talking to a short-distance friend and then switching back again when talking to a long-distance acquaintance.

NiMH rechargeable AA batteries can be charged from a wall charger or from your vehicle’s 12-volt port using the built-in rechargeable jack (not included).

  • SoundTracker reduces noise by up to 90%
  • Weather information is provided by NOAA’s ten weather channels
  • 40 CB channels offer full coverage in a very small package
  • Legally, a maximum output of 4 Watts is allowed
  • Battery power accounts for as much as 75%
  • The safety of the switch can be preserved by switching from high to low power


There should be no differentiation between walkie-talkies in terms of frequency. While their radios are receiving stations, their loudspeakers and microphones occasionally hiss as if no station has been tuned in. Rather than victimizing the speaker unit, the victim switches to victimizing the microphone since the radio is silent.

A transmitter then converts their persuasive words back to electrical voltages, so the speaker can clearly hear themselves. Radio links, such as two-way radios, allow for communication between sender and receiver. With walkie-talkies, you can simultaneously receive and transmit in both directions, unlike radios.

This method, though cost-effective, does not allow for simultaneous use by more than one individual due to only requiring a frequency supply. So half-duplex means half-duplex communication.


  • A radio and a pair of headphones
  • Closures for belts
  • Rechargeable batteries in packs
  • Charging cable for desktop computers
  • A wall adapter with an AC outlet
  • Auxiliary power adapter
  • Headsets with Boom Mics


  • Communication over a distance of 36 miles
  • Battery life is between eight and twelve hours
  • Automotive charger and A/C adapter
  • Hazards and severe weather alerts automatically
  • Dual headphone jacks
  • A code of privacy permits you to speak privately
  • Whisper mode for a powerful electroacoustic transducer


  • The product isn’t very waterproof.
  • Battery life is short because of the design flow.



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