Taking care of the animals around on Diwali

Taking care of the animals around on Diwali

Each year we celebrate Diwali with great fun and enthusiasm. Each corner of the country witnesses cheerful and buoyant celebrations of the festival. Diwali is characterized by the exchange of Diwali gift hampers, Diwali sweets, Diwali flowers, and Diwali greetings among our dear ones. In ancient times, the significance of Diwali was that of celebrating the homecoming of Lord Rama. This festival was all about merry-making along with our friends and family members. People used to wait for Diwali for the sake of meeting their dear ones.

Diwali was all about rangoli, diyas, Lakshmi pooja, and of course, lots of sweets. Today, the auspicious occasion of Diwali finds its association with crackers and selfies. The modern generation believes in celebrating Diwali along with the noise of crackers. It is their way of holding a festive celebration. Although a small number of crackers would have been acceptable, the mass consumption of crackers during the Diwali season causes enormous damage to the environment. not just the environment, our fellow creatures such as little birds, dogs, cats, and other animals face the repercussions of our festive celebrations. Each year, we celebrate Diwali with great enthusiasm, but only a few of us remember to pay attention to the needs of the creatures around us. In case you have a pet, then you must be aware of the impact of noises of crackers on the little ones. However, having pets shall not be a criterion of being sensitive towards animals. Whether you have a pet or not, you must always pay attention to the creatures around you. Given below are a few suggestions that would help you lend a helping hand and be kind to the little animals near you. 

Please do not leave them on the terrace

Do not leave your pets on the terrace, as this would worsen the case. Thereby increasing their fear. Instead of leaving them on the terrace, you must welcome them inside the house so that they can enjoy themselves and can also seek comfort in your arms. 

Do not leave your pet home alone

You must ensure that you do not leave your pets alone at the house because it would be pretty problematic for them to deal with the fear alone. So make sure that you are there to comfort them. Instead of visiting others, you can call them at your house and introduce your guests to the little creatures in your house. Besides that, you can send diwali gifts online to Jaipur so that you do not have to step out of your house to exchange Diwali greetings, or you may take your pet along wherever you go. 

Show kindness to the street dogs too

While each one of us would be thinking about the pet that we have or the dogs who we own, we shall also show kindness to the street dogs. After all, they are tiny creatures too, and they would be affected by the noise of crackers. Therefore, you must take care of the street dogs too. thereby ensuring that no creature is harmed

Provide shelter to the animals

You can build a temporary shelter for the animals so that they do not roam here and there. Also, this temporary shelter would help them save themselves from rain and hot sun during the daytime after Diwali as well. Besides that, you can also keep some food aside for the animals so that they can fulfill their little bellies. 

Keep animals away from the rangoli.

Besides taking care of the animals, you must also take care of the hard work that you did for decorating your house. If you made a rangoli in your house, then you must keep the animals away from it so that the beauty of Rangoli does not get spoiled due to the unawareness of animals. Also, exposure to harmful colors of the rangoli might harm the animals. 

Urge others to help

We all know that little effort would only be helpful if each one of us contributes towards them. So you can ask your friends and family members to be mindful of the animals around you while celebrating Diwali. Also, you can urge others to take care of the pets and animals wandering in the streets so that our celebrations do not cause harm to the innocent creatures around us.