Swoon-Worthy Gold Jewelry Gifting Idea for Newlyweds

Swoon-Worthy Gold Jewelry Gifting Idea for Newlyweds

The moment we hear Indian weddings we visualize beautiful shy brides dazzling in heavy embroidery lehenga and jewelry, guests with vibrant colored clothes, larger-than-life décor, music, and loads of fun. A wedding in the family gives us a chance to dress up well, get together with our relatives to have a gala time.

Weddings also mean that we have to come up with gifting ideas for the newlyweds. Gifting gold to the bride and groom is a great way to shower them with your best wishes because gold is thought to be very auspicious during Indian weddings and it holds a sentimental value. If you are struggling with gold gifting ideas then let us lend you a helping hand.

1. Couple Bands:

While there is no dearth of gold ornaments that you can choose as a wedding gift, gifting them matching gold bands can make them feel more connected to each other. Before you start your search, set a budget this will help you narrow down your choices. You can even personalize the rings by having their initials engraved to mark a memorable day in their lives. If you always thought diamond rings are out of your league, then you should check out the diamond rings for girls section on the Melorra website that makes shopping for diamond-studded gold rings for brides every bit stylish and affordable.

2. Gold Coins:

When in doubt about gold jewelry, the best is to gift the couple a gold coin that will add value to their financial portfolio too. Gold coins easily fit every budget because you can buy a gold coin with a weight as low as 1 gm to even more than 10 gms with an advantage of no making charges added to it. The newlyweds will be highly benefited from this gift because invariably they will enjoy higher resale value in the future. 

3. Birthstone Jewelry:

Do you want your gold jewelry gift to stand out from the rest? Then go ahead and gift the newlyweds gemstone studded jewelry. Not just any gemstone jewelry, but a gemstone which is actually their birthstone! This will require you to put in the effort to know the bride and groom’s birth months so that you can pick the best for them. It is a popular belief that wearing your birthstone studded jewelry can bring prosperity, peace, and success in life, so why not gift these to the newlyweds? You can check out designs at Melorra for budget-friendly gemstone jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. 

4. Bejeweled Watches:

If both bride and groom are not so much into gold jewelry, then gifting functional matching bejeweled watches to the couple will get them all excited and happy when they unwrap the boxes. Luxury watches are highly desirable by all and you can never go wrong with this gift choice.

5. Gift Cards:

Buying gold for a millennial couple can be tricky, especially when you don’t know the preferences and tastes of the newlyweds. In such times, gift cards can come to your rescue. Almost all reputed jewelers provide the option to purchase gift cards for whatever value you have in mind.

We hope the above unique gold jewelry gifting ideas will come in handy next time you find yourself in confusion.