Step By Step Guide To Maintain Your RO Water Purifier

Step By Step Guide To Maintain Your RO Water Purifier

Nowadays, drinking pure water is much needed. You can maintain your and the health of your family by drinking safe water. Water without impurities can aid you to keep your heart, kidney, digestive diseases away as well. In addition, purified water can protect your eyes and give you smooth, glossy hair. So, experts also advised drinking 2-3 liters of purified water to be healthy and fit.

To drink pure water is to remain safe. And RO water purifier provides you water without impurities so that you can lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. Additionally, the RO purifier follows a multi-layered water filtration process for providing you with pure water to drink. Even doctors and experts recommend installing a RO purifier in every household in India as water-borne diseases increase daily.

In this article, we shall discuss how important it is to clean and service your machine and how you can maintain your RO purifier. So without further ado, let’s get started. Read on.

Know The RO Purifier

Before we discuss the step-by-step guideline for maintaining your RO purifier, we would like to discuss what it is and how it acts briefly. So to say, a reverse osmosis water purifier, which is commonly known as RO, is a filtration process that uses a permeable membrane to clear out the contaminants from the regular tap water. This multi-stage filtration process removes all the germs from the water and offers you fresh water to drink.

Maintaining Your RO Water Purifier

Maintaining the RO purifier is much required for its long service. Purified water can save you from diseases, so it is advisable to service your purifier regularly. In addition, servicing the purifier ensures the better performance and life of the machine. The proper maintenance should be done; otherwise, the machine will not work properly, and it may happen so that you end up drinking unsafe water.

Importance Of Changing The Filter

The importance of changing the parts of the water purifier is undeniable. Always replace and clean the parts of the machine to ensure that the purifier is working properly. Further, the cleaning and sanitization process should be done periodically for the system to work appropriately. The lack of maintenance can harm or interrupt the water filtration process; therefore, changing sediment, carbon, and RO membrane filter, cleaning, and sanitizing process is a must for your water purifier. To add more, you can call the helpline number for water purifier servicing.

Cleaning Guide Stepwise

As discussed previously, cleaning or servicing is a must for the machine to function properly, so let us see how the machine can be cleaned stepwise:

  • First thing first, disconnect the plug from the switchboard and remove the connecting water supply pipe. Then the storage tank must be emptied
  • The RO membrane and other parts of the filter should be removed, and the filter housings should be done properly
  • The pre-filtration and the post-filtration process is essential, which clears all the contaminants from the water and needs special care. On that note, the sediment filter, carbon filter, and RO membrane should be checked and changed if required
  • All the chemicals and contaminants that are present in the filters are needed to be cleared out. In this regard, bleach can be used during the cleaning process.
  • O-rings should be checked if it needs any replacement
  • The water tank cleaning is necessary as well to avoid bad odor from the water
  • Checking the drips and leaks in the pipe and the faucets are to be done. In fact, cleaning the pipe is important too for removing the blockage
  • After all the necessary servicing, all the parts should be reattached carefully and appropriately. Then, connect the plug to the switchboard and open the valve for water flow

Sanitization Of The Purifier

Sanitizing your purifier is recommended by the experts. The RO water tank should be cleaned and sanitized regularly to ensure that the water purifier is working perfectly.  In fact, the RO water tank can be sanitized when the filters are changed so that we will get to drink pure water always.

Moreover, drips and leakages should also be checked. If it is not taken care of properly, it can damage your machine. So take help from the experts to maintain your RO water purifier. Book your appointment with RO service provider for servicing your machine and keep drinking pure water.

To summarize, replacing all the filters 6-7 months or annually or at the max 12 months is required for the better function of the machine. Furthermore, sanitizing the RO tank and pipe to be done per annum is necessary. Replace and buy new parts if required. You can take the annual maintenance contracts (AMC) from the RO purifier company. And this will help you with all the necessary services..


In a nutshell, maintaining the RO water purifier is not much or costly and affordable. So do not worry and buy the purifier to drink safe water and remain healthy and fit throughout the day.