Software Development Trends to Watch Out in 2022

Software Development Trends to Watch Out in 2022

The present market situation is quite challenging for enterprises and businesses because of the Covid-19 pandemic and crisis. Businesses have been facing many challenges, but technology helped them to easily withhold their positions and continue making revenues. If you are also looking for a software development trend to fight the issues faced by your business, you have come to the right place. Though software development trends keep changing constantly, here are some of them to watch out for in 2022. 

Trend 1: Web 3.0 Rise 

When it comes to the web, Web 3.0 is the next evolution. These applications are characterized solely by their interactivity and sophistication. These kinds of applications go beyond the straightforward, static pages of the previous versions. Web 3.0 applications are created using JavaScript, which makes them more responsive and dynamic. They can take advantage of modern hardware for quicker loading times as well. 

Trend 2: Cloud C1omputing 

In the past couple of years, cloud was not just embraced by businesses and startups but also by governmental institutions and organizations. Security offices, hospitals, legal institutions, and more recognized this technology’s value. It is estimated that by the end of 2022, there will be a noteworthy transition of institutes and businesses to Cloud around the world. 

Trend 3: Cyber Security 

Cyber security will be the top priority for mid-size companies and startups. However, they can’t apply it properly because of a lack of appropriate resources. Only big enterprises can apply and afford specialized security items. But with public Cloud services, even mid-size companies and startups can apply highly secure applications without too much efforts. 

Trend 4: Rise of Python

This language fits every modern development needs. Whether it is mobile development, enterprise product, or web development – Python can deal with all. What makes Python different from other languages is its capability to conduct complex data analysis, mathematical operations, neural network building, and machine learning. The growth rate of Python is amazing. Moreover, Python is not hard to learn and it can be used in complex projects with superior levels of skills. 

Trend 5: Mass Adoption of Narrow Artificial Intelligence 

Just like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence is another excellent disruptive technology that has earned rapid growth and mass adoption in the last decade. It will continue seeing more adoption, innovation, and funding in 2022. AI will be used in “Narrow Artificial Intelligence” more where the AI agents will help/augment humans in specific fields. More adoption of Narrow AI will be seen in various non-important use cases in 2022 where AI agents will help humans using Narrow AI. 

Trend 6: Blockchain 

Often, blockchain is connected with Cryptocurrency. Whenever there is a counterfeit cryptocurrency, people criticize Blockchain Technology. Although Cryptocurrency is its well-known use case, Blockchain is more than Cryptocurrency. Blockchain has the ability to change various fields and industries and affect our everyday lives. 

Trend 7: Kingdom of Kubernetes 

Kubernetes has become a leading platform to manage containerized applications quickly. Containerization has become a widely popular way to deliver any software. The software development crews use containers to pack and deploy applications, whether outsourced or created in-house. Kubernetes is the leading platform to manage these kinds of containerized applications. This has helped developers to automate different aspects of the process of deployment and lets them create new features rather than configuring servers. 

Trend 8: Java Strikes Back 

Java was undoubtedly the best programming language for a very long time. It is moderately complex, interpreted, garbage-collected, powerful, and multi-threaded programming language. JVM is all the more powerful, battle-tested, mature, and the best Process Virtual Machine in this industry. Unluckily, with the launch and rise of Serverless and Microservices, Java became disadvantageous because Java seemed too large and slow. So, people began using small, nimble, and faster languages such as Node.js and Golang. Ultimately, the Java community offered an updated version of Java –GraalVM. GraalVM is a top JDK distribution that provides polyglot programming and AOT compilation. It is ideal for Cloud-Native development and compiles to Native Code directly. Moreover, Java 17 has introduced many sophisticated features, making Java highly attractive for a Software Development Company India

Trend 9: More Use Of Predictive Analysis 

It is a fact that predictive analysis has become an increasingly vital part of the software development industry. Predictive analysis uses statistics, mining, and ML to predict the future events. It is used in various ways like determining the features that can be added to a product, identifying potential clients, in the decision making process of software development companies, in predicting how a software will perform in the market. When you Hire Dedicated Software Developers India, you will come to know that software products become more efficient when they are designed using predictive analysis. 

Trend 10: Native App Development 

There are mainly four methods to create mobile applications – Cross platform development, native app development, cloud-based development, and hybrid development. Among these, cross-platform and native app development are mostly used. Though Native app development tends to be the costliest one, it offers utmost flexibility. Generally, businesses like and prefer the flexibility offered by Native App Development. Cross-Platform development offers the opportunity to use the same code nearly for android/iOS. It is generally preferred by Startups. In 2022, it is expected that native app development is going to lead since cross-platform development is lesser flexible. 

Wrap Up

As you can find, software development has many exciting trends. Ensure to follow them thoroughly. All these software development trends are sure to make software development much more successful for you in 2022. These trends will create better products, more efficiently, and more quickly. For better guidance on this, you can get in touch with a software development company India who can turn up with better strategies using the best and latest trends for your next software development project.