Self-Driving Cars: Pros and Cons

Self-Driving Cars: Pros and Cons

As the world is evolving with technology, so is the automobile world. Self-driving cars are cars that do not require human effort for them to operate. Rather, they are created with sensors that enable them to perceive the environment. They are able to navigate paths and sense signs and any dangerous activity such as inclement weather. Tesla is among the companies that have built cars that have a self-driving base. You can learn fascinating facts about self-driving cars, understand what they are about and why people need them. These cars have their pros and cons as discussed in the rest of this article.


  • Environmental Sustainability

Most cars use the fuels that cause air pollution and lead to global warming. Automated cars use electricity for their operation. This reduces the unnecessary acceleration and brakes that lead to emissions of combustions.

  • Fewer Accidents

To humans is to error. Road accidents in most countries are caused by human recklessness such as ignorance of the traffic rules. An automated vehicle is computer-based, and chances of error are always low. This is because it detects any obstacle that can arise using the algorithm system and evade the risk.

  • Saves Time 

Self-driving cars are much faster since they use electricity and are programmed to avoid unnecessary distractions. This is unlike the driver who has to pass to the fuel station to fill the gas and may be distracted on the road. This leads to wasting a lot of time.

  • Advantages to the Disabled

Automated cars favor the disabled as they got no ability to drive on their own. The car can take them wherever they want with no need of finding a driver or depending on people for transportation.  It provides a comfortable zone for them.


  • Expensive

Acquiring an automated car is costly as they are new to the market, and not all people are equipped with these technological innovations. Cars like those from Tesla are an example of the expensive cars available.

  • Loss of Jobs

The introduction of automated cars will lead to the loss of jobs to the uber taxi bus and truck drivers. These people make their living through deliveries of products and transportation of people.

  • Hacking

Any computer-based equipment is prone to be attacked by hackers. Once the network protocol and software used by the automated cars are hacked, there might be causes of accidents. To avoid this, the companies making these cars should have advanced security protection.

  • Accidents

Self-driving is considered to avoid accidents, and humans always trust the computer, not keeping in mind that software tends to fail most of the time. This may lead to an accident once the machine is down. This is a disadvantage, considering that it would be easier if a driver is in full control of the cars.


In the next few years, there will be many automated cars in the cities. Those planning to acquire the cars should be conversant with the pros and cons of self-driving. Advanced software with proper security background should also be run to avoid accidents and hacks. This will make the people insured of what they are getting into.