Regulate Your Body With A Natural CBD Oil Tincture

Regulate Your Body With A Natural CBD Oil Tincture

CBD if you haven’t already heard, which in most cases is unlikely considering this ingredient is taking the world and medical industry by storm, is a highly sought-after plant compound that is significantly improving the quality of people’s lives around the world.

Patients, stay-at-home parents, and anyone looking for an alternative to the toxin and chemically-filled products we find in pharmacies and on supermarket shelves are raving about the changes and improvements to their health since implementing Cannabidiol as a vital part of their daily routines. And understandably so. 

So often we forget how nature has nurtured and provided for the human species for centuries and with much success, why then would it come as such a surprise that an ingredient found naturally growing in nature could provide so many health benefits. As scientists and biologists delve deeper into the plant’s genetic make-up and effects thereof on the human body the more we learn that ‘going back to our roots’ essentially could be the silver lining in our future.

Ailments taken care of. 

Not only has CBD proven successful in turning a health issue or problem within the body around for the better, but it helps build up a defense and stronger immune system thus eliminating the onset of future physical or mental issues.

People all over the world struggle daily with physical or mental health issues, from muscles pain or inflammation to stiffness in the joints making everyday tasks unbearable or sometimes impossible to execute. This is no way to live, life is about enjoying it to the fullest and if a plant can help us combat some of these issues what have we got to lose, right? And so the introduction of the tincture is brought to light. 

For centuries cultures and ancient traditions have used the means and creations of tinctures to fight off spirits, cure diseases, and regulate the mind for wellness and homeostasis and in today’s times, it is no different. Tinctures have been shown to cure anything from physical pain and swelling to what some consider smaller issues such as a dry mouth or bad skin conditions, and if you suffer from these then you have come to the right place. 

To others, these ailments may seem insignificant and not worth complaining about considering the amount of devastation we see in the world every day, but to you, it could mean going out and enjoying time with friends rather than staying holed up in your apartment for fear of being embarrassed or shamed. This is no way to live.

Understanding your ingredient.

The world of tinctures may seem complicated and best left to the industry experts, but knowing what you are using is the knowledge that will never go to waste. A tincture in simple terms (see here for a more detailed explanation) is a concentrated liquid with flavorings and minerals obtained by extracting the nutrients and vitamins from ingredients such as berries or bark, leaves and flowers, and even roots. 

These are infused into the liquid which is usually vinegar or alcohol. This liquid is then infused into products, food items, or taken as is for help with health and body functioning issues. Now having to speak or function with a dry mouth, acne-ridden skin, or back pain will be a thing of the past. 

Plus side of tinctures.

Other than the fact that tinctures are made essentially from natural ingredients which in itself is enough to make them a great addition to your diet and lifestyle other factors make tinctures that much more appealing. Let’s look at a few examples and if you are considering adding a CBD tincture to your nutrition then these are great reasons as to why you shouldn’t wait any longer.

  • Convenience. They are compact and a great size to pop into your gym bag, work satchel, or handbag for that on-the-go pick me up when you need it the most.
  • Strength. Because the ingredients are steeped in the liquid it makes it that much more potent. They offer a stronger effect than dried herbs or herbal supplements within the body and get to work quicker.
  • Longevity. Similar to preservatives tinctures have a long shelf life whilst maintaining their efficacy, unlike dried herbs which lose their potency as they age. 

The list of positives increases daily as patients and users rave and comment on their successes, you can also click here to read more about the benefits of using tinctures in your daily routine, but if a brighter, healthier future is your end goal then CBD could be the answer you have been waiting for all this time.

  • Versatility. Like with all ingredients some are going to taste better than others, albeit that they are all good for you. To combat the taste you can add tinctures to teas and edibles to help with the flavor but still reap the benefits of the ingredient. 

A herbal roundup. 

At the end of the day, your health is your main concern and when reading the ingredient labels on products we find in shops these days it is enough to make you go all-natural all of the time, am I right? Chemicals and preservatives may help products last longer but do we know or want to know the negative long-term effects it can have on our bodies and our lives, no thank you. Mother Nature has taken care of us for centuries and she isn’t about to let us down now I would think.