Reasons Why You Need Distributor Management System Software for Your FMCG Brand

Reasons Why You Need Distributor Management System Software for Your FMCG Brand

For a Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG), it has to go through a number of stages to find its way to the end consumer – ranging from sourcing raw materials and manufacturing to packaging, reaching the wholesaler, and finally the retailer. When the whole business procedure is completed, the product of a business organization will reach the buyer via a retailer and wholesaler chain. 

Distributor Management System Software (DMSS) handles the corresponding processes in the chain supply linked to the distribution of completed products. It assists in tracking secondary sales, up-to-the end level, assisting organizations to simplify crucial factors of their channel sales ranging from faster stock replenishment, minimizing inventory carrying costs for good production planning. While the benefits are probably endless, here are the major ones listed below.

  • Real-time visibility

If you are not utilizing a DMS, you will have to rely on the offline data given by your distributors on a specific frequency, which is neither real-time nor accurate. But in reality, you must not avoid some of the crucial information including available current stock with distributors, orders pending for completion, returned orders by the retailers, and many more. Hence, to manage your distributors effectively, distributor management system software is definitely a huge requirement.

  • Monitoring the remote area

With the challenges covering huge volume, time management, and distributors’ remote geographical area, sometimes it gets tough to get clarity on your product shifting from all your distributors. You can acquire all the data at your fingertips with the use of distributor management system software even if a distributor functions from the northeast or semi-rural part of the country.

  • A solution for your distributors

The idea of utilizing DMSS is definitely a solution that is useful in terms of arranging and automating a lot of their daily workings. Automating the movements of all types of goods, system-developing invoicing, details of payments, alerts are some examples of how a distributor’s work can be simplified with the software.

  • Faster claim settlement

Another great advantage your distributors will acquire with DMSS is a better overall time for claim settlement. With everything automated via DMSS, there will always be transparency for distributors and the company on the matters of deliverables and payments. Moreover, with online claim submission via DMSS, all the claims will be finalized much faster than a manual form which generally includes several rounds of modifications between both parties.

  • Enhanced promotion and schemes management 

Companies generally invest a large amount of money in promotion and scheme management activities. Distributor management system software assures all mandatory checks and balances during invoicing and offers you a complete analysis of each and every scheme performance.

  • Faster stock replenishment

It’s nothing to say that it is very essential for FMCG companies to keep optimum stock levels at several touch-points like stockist, distributor retailer, and more. Well, DMSS offers you complete and proper visibility on stock, expiry date, batch number, return, and more. At distributor points, you can have significant alterations well in advance and perform replenishment much earlier than the previous one.

  • Effective production planning

Yet another reason why the distributor management system software is beneficial is effective production planning. However, it can only be acquired when the DMS is integrated with the EPR demand planning function, which takes care of information including inventory levels, pending and completed orders, etc can assist to enable optimal utilization of resources. 

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