Pros and Cons of Bing Ads

Pros and Cons of Bing Ads

Bing ads become one of the strongest advertising campaigns over the internet. It has posed a big challenge to the position of Google ads as the largest ad campaign platform. Although it works only with 3 search engines currently, and has a lesser traffic and competition within its platform. But, this platform has both pros and cons of Bing ads. It comes with a pay-per-click or paid type of advertising. It is one of the most budget-friendly ad campaigns despite its big name.  Bing contains various features that make the campaign even more desirable to the users. 

Why Is Bing Still Popular?

Bing Ads provides its users the opportunity to display both text and visual-based ads on its platform. Today, the network of Microsoft ads has crossed a mark of 5 billion monthly searches. This result shows that Bing is improving the network of the Microsoft ad campaign. However, Bing Ads come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages of Bing ads. Now, you can see whether Bing advertisements are useful for you not. 

Google has more volume than Bing but, still you can get various traffic from Bing. In this article, we will provide you the reasons why Bing ads is better than Google ads

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Bing Ads?

We are describing why Bing advertisements become popular. One of the best or most popular reasons is that Bing and Microsoft combine with each other. It means Bing ads become Microsoft advertising. And they are seen as one i.e, Bing Microsoft advertising. Now, we are providing the list of Microsoft advertising pros and cons. 

Here is a list of advantages of Bing ads which can tell you why it is for Advertising purposes.

Pros of Bing ads- 

  1. Pocket-friendly– Because of being a lower level ad campaign with lesser amount of inner competition. It offers lower costs-per-click to its customers. This makes it a cheap alternative for advertising. Bing also offers a great opportunity to get the best deal on applying Bing ads promo code.

This is a great relief to its customers as they are prioritised, and have to pay less for that! Its toughest competition, Google ads, obviously accounts for more money from its users, which make it a better option for many neophytes in the advertising market. 

  1. Popularity– Since the time of its inception, Bing ads has come out to be one of the most popular ad campaign platforms in the world. Bing and Yahoo- 2 of the 3 search engines it works with are quite popular, and thus using Bing ads. You can get the option of reaching users of two different search engines, which are famous ones. 
  2. Greater control– The user who decides to publish his ads using Bing ads is given greater control over his ad. You are given clear information and numbers about which search engines are giving you more benefits. they can also choose which keywords are being hit upon the most. Consequently, you can choose the search engine of your choice from the options given, and you can customise the keywords of the ad according to your benefits. 
  3. Time zone adjustment– You need not adjust the time zones of various targeted locations again and again while using Bing ads. It automatically does that work for you. It saves your time and effort. 
  4. Position of ads– It has been observed that Bing provides more ads at the top of the search results. This makes the ads more visible and more frequently accessible. In contrast, if we talk about Google ads, it is seen that it places its ads in between or at the bottom of the search results. This makes Bing ads a better option for advertisers as their ads are more frequently accessed to. 

Cons of Bing Ads- 

  1. Smaller market– If you decide to put your ad on Bing ads campaign, you should be well aware of the fact that it provides its users with a platform which is much less in comparison with its competitor, Google Ads. 
  2. Less and infamous search engines– Bing Ads allow you to advertise on 3 search engines- Bing, Yahoo and AOL. As compared to Google, these search engines are not that famous. This means that your ads will be reaching a lesser audience, as a quite large number of people go for Google as the most preferred search engines, and thus, the ads displayed on Google are consequently more famous. 
  3. Speed– We can see that the speed and efficiency of Bing Ads is not very high. It is a very tedious and lagging task to proceed with searches on Bing and Yahoo, and having access to ad clicks is also a slow process. 
  4. Customer support- It has been realised that any query pertaining to Bing Ads is not quite easily and quickly resolved. In comparison, Google Ads has an effective mechanism of resolving customer queries and thus it is less preferred. 
  5. Overall usage– To conclude, it has been observed that Bing ads are not that responsive and dynamic, as other options in the market are. The look of the advertising campaign is not quite appealing and it is also not that efficient and responsive. You may have to keep a lot of patience sometimes while clicking on the ad and this might turn out to be a loss for you. 

Therefore, to overcome the shortcomings that Bing Ads let you have, you can have a look at the other Advertising campaign platforms that are available on the internet today. Now, after reading the pros and cons of Bing ads you can analyze the features of Bing and how to use it. 

Some alternatives- 

  • Google Ads- It is undoubtedly the largest ad campaign in the world. One of the reasons for the same is the fame of Google search engine, which allows it to get more traffic on its advertising headlines. It has also tied-up with various other sites relating to different types of advertising such as shopping platforms, games, video streaming apps etc. Here, it can display its ads. Although Google ads is a costly option, it is great for large businesses who want to have great promotion for their business. 
  • Yahoo! Gemini! – It is a platform created and run by Yahoo to facilitate native advertising and mobile search ads. It is one of the first ever unified marketplaces for advertising that were ever developed. It was a famous advertising campaign in earlier times due to the fame acquired by yahoo, yet it has lost importance lately. 
  • Adobe Advertising Cloud– It is a collection of Web marketing tools provided by Adobe. It includes in its purview advertising tools which can help a business to launch its ad over various platforms such as search, social media, and even Television. When a person uses a website, his interests are captured by adobe and it accordingly, shows you ads of that type.