Learn Cycling Repair and Maintenance DIY Tips

Learn Cycling Repair and Maintenance DIY Tips

Maintaining your mountain bicycle properly is very important for its life durability. For all the people out there who are reading this article, do note that regularly giving a quick maintenance service is a must to improve the longevity of the bicycle. Generally, people think only bike mechanics should do bicycle repairs. But, purchasing bike tools can solve the problem, and the bike repairs can be done at home by yourself. Anyhow, for that, you need to be prepared entirely with the knowledge and tools to do.

No one is born smart with mechanic skills, and one has to learn the skills by doing the primary repair and maintenance of the bike. There are some DIY tips to maintain a bicycle in good condition that can be helpful for beginners. Keep a note:

  1. Keep the drivetrain clean and lubricated:

Most people have undergone the haunting experience of hearing squeaking sounds coming from the bike. It happens because of metal touching against mud. Make a habit of cleaning and lubricating the drivetrain (chain) regularly.

It would help if you had bike oil, disposable rags, degreaser product, and a used toothbrush to clean the chain. Clean all the dirt from the chain wheels; after it is done, turn the chain backward and slowly apply one drop of bike oil between every link. Not every time is a lengthy process. The more frequent you maintain it, the faster is the cleaning.

  1. Maintain a Sufficient Tyre Pressure:

Maintaining proper tyre pressure is significant for your bike ride. You have to use more strength for pedalling if the tyre has low pressure. For this, you need a high-quality floor pump, including a pressure gauge. Check the tyre pressure at least twice a month and apply it whenever needed. Always remember, the rear tyre should have a few points more than the front tyre. Even if you are not using the bicycle for a long time, you have to keep the tyres inflated.

If you don’t have enough time to do this, remove the tyire to avoid damage.

  1. Check the Nuts and Bolts:

It is best to keep all the nuts, screws, and bolts in the specified area of the bike. It is easy to fix whenever the screws get loose. As these screws and nuts are small in size, they may fall and will not be visible all the time. So be careful while you are handling it. Also, remember that when you purchase a new bike, ask your seller about spare screws and bolts. You can take them free of cost.

  1. Brake Checking:

If you are a speed rider, you need the perfect brakes that stop effectively. If they are not working efficiently, you have to look after the brake pads and give them some good maintenance. Sometimes it is enough to tighten the screw, but sometimes you need to remove the bolt, tighten the wire first, and then fix the bolt back in place. Brakes should be clean from dirt and oil.

  1. Know How to Fix a Flat Tube?

It is significantly better if you learn how to fix a flat tube. Several videos are available on Youtube to guide you in a simple and easy process. Initially, learn how to remove a tyre from the rim and install it back in place.


Follow all the five tips that will surely make your bike look good. Before that, purchase the required bike tools for you to do all the maintenance and repair works. By following these steps, you can see a drastic change in the ride. Have a happy and safe ride!