Keeping Ants Away From Your Home

Keeping Ants Away From Your Home

Though ants are harmless, they create an unhygienic environment for you to live in, mainly because they attack your property in large numbers. You will never see an ant alone. They usually attack homes in a group to support each other to find food and form colonies. Also, each ant colony consists of an ant that reproduces other ants, so their population increases.     

While most of the ants are harmless to humans, some types sting the person. However, in most cases, ants get attracted to food, dead plants, animals and insects, and they’re less likely to follow or harm humans. Though ants don’t harm humans directly, they may pose a risk to your family member’s health if they contaminate your food. This is because they are attracted to food items, and they can easily make their way into your food jars or packets and contaminate your food.  

 Preventing Ants In Your Home  

One of the essential tips to keep ants away from your home is maintaining cleanliness inside and outside your property. Ants are tiny in size and can enter your home from even the slightest of opening. Hence, you must seal your home entirely and allow no food or plant matter to be left lying around. Also, check if your property has any odour or any area that has dampness as these things attract ants.    

To keep ants away from your home, follow these tips:  

  • Clean your kitchen post-dinner to avoid food from lying on the floor or benchtops  
  • Check for moisture on benchtops 
  • Keep food like biscuits and candy in air-tight jars or containers 
  • See if your pets are throwing food anywhere in your home 
  • Vacuum your home regularly 
  • Instruct children to eat their food without dropping them or ask them to pick up any food particle fallen on the floor immediately 

Following these simple tips can keep ants at bay from your property. However, if your house has been attacked by ants already, you may try some simple home remedies to remove them.  

1. Tea Tree oil    

Take two bowls of water and add about 4 to 8 drops of tea tree oil to it. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and use it in areas where you frequently spot the ants. This mixture serves as an ant killer.    

2. Borax 

 Prepare a liquid solution by mixing borax and sugar with water. Dip a cotton ball in the mixture to apply it to the affected areas. Borax acts as an ant repellent, and you will see the ants disappearing quickly.   

3. Bay Leaves   

 If you want a natural way to remove ants from your home to keep your children and pets safe, you may use bay leaves. First, dry the bay leaves and grind them to create a powder. Now sprinkle the powder on the top of the anthill. This will kill the ants and prevent them from coming back to your property again.    

If you cannot remove ants from your property even after using these methods, you will need professional help. This is mainly because the infestation level will be too high to be treated with home remedies. Instead, you may hire an ant pest control Brisbane company to undertake the job.