Is it necessary to clear PLAB 1?

Is it necessary to clear PLAB 1?

All medical professions are extremely demanding yet equally rewarding as well. It is rightly said that the medical field is a blessed of all professions because the doctors and nurses directly deal with improving people’s health. They are the ones who devote their entire life to selflessly saving lives and contributing towards achieving the greater good for humanity as a whole.

So, if you have decided to spend your entire life striving towards treating people, put your working glasses on as the road to achieve that goal is a fulfilling but back-breaking one.

Even after becoming a doctor, there are certain exams that you can take up to improve the quality and keep a check on your services. Apart from the challenging medical exams like the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT), Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA), and so many more, another medical-related examination, called ‘Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board’ popularly known as PLAB 1 EXAM.

In this informative piece, you will come to know why it is necessary to clear PLAB 1 and some stay-strong preparation tips to help you clear PLAB 1 with ease.

The First Step towards Living your Medical Dream is by Clearing PLAB 1.

Most developed countries like the UK come under the medically advanced countries as well. Due to this and many other reasons, many UK homes many skilled and talented medical professionals from all over the world. Thus, many International Medical Graduates (IMG’s) dream of working as a doctor in the UK.

Thus, to prove your ability and knowledge as a capable medical graduate to work in the UK, you first need to clear the ‘Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board exam,’ that is, the PLAB 1 EXAM, to practice medicine there.

This exam is divided into a two-part assessment that the overseas international doctors need to clear before practicing medicine in the UK in a legal and free manner, without any complications. This competitive exam is conducted four times in the UK every year. Due to the extreme importance and necessity of the PLAB 1 EXAM to work as a doctor legally in the UK, many international doctors write the exam. This has increased the competition level, and it is no longer easy to clear the exam.

Hence proper pre-exam preparation is needed to be able to fare well in the exam. Let’s dive into some PLAB PREPARATION tips to help you top the results chart.

Some Dynamic Preparation Tips that Promise Victory in PLAB 1 Exam.

Listed below are some helpful preparation tips that will ease your PLAB PREPARATION.

  • Get your hands on all the popular and authentic PLAB 1 materials, from textbooks, reference books to eBooks and question banks.
  • Always plan your study routine. You can divide the days you have in hand into studying certain topics. The days can further be divided into hours. By doing this, you will be able to study all the related topics in an organized manner.
  • Do as many mock and sample tests as you possibly can. You can go ahead with solving question banks as well. Always remember to mark the questions that need are not clear to you to review them again later.
  • Make sure you use your reference books as well. Even though the PLAB exam is MCQ-based, a detailed study will help you in the long run.
  • Sign yourself up into some good PLAB PREPARATION groups, be it online or offline. This will help you stay updated and keep your motivation spirits up.

Therefore, even if you are well-versed with almost all of your medical theory and practical textbooks, preparing and revising before writing any medical-related exam is recommended. And even though thePLAB 1 EXAMis conducted four times a year, you don’t want to waste your chances and valuable time by sitting for it again and again. You need to study enough to prove your excellent abilities as a health care expert in the UK.

The web is filled with an abundance of service providers that help the PLAB 1 aspirants prepare for the exam. They come to the rescue of the aspirants by providing excellent study materials, question banks, and even online interactive coaching sessions. But whatever it is, in the end, everything depends on your hard work, consistency, and luck.