How to take care of your skin after a facial?

How to take care of your skin after a facial?

Getting a facial can work wonders for your skin. Facials get rid of impurities on your skin by cleaning and exfoliating it. The message, in the end, is a bonus and gives a refreshing feeling. However, most people assume that once they get a facial, their skin is clean and doesn’t need special care for a while. That’s not true! Post-facial skincare is as important as the facial itself as your skin becomes super sensitive for a few hours after the facial.

8 ways of Post-Facial care

1.      Avoid the sun

UV rays are harmful to your skin in any case. Freshly exfoliated skin becomes prone to sun damage even more than usual. It doesn’t mean skipping the outdoors altogether, but spending a considerable amount of time in the sun may be detrimental for your skin. Minimize your sun exposure and ensure the use of good sunscreen when you’re heading out after a facial.

2.      Postpone your workout

Working out right after a facial is a big no. As your pores are open after a facial, sweat and other pollutants in the gym can irritate your skin. It’s better to wait for a day or two before you head out to the gym.

3.      Don’t apply makeup

Schedule your facial appointment a few days before if you’ve got a special event to attend. Applying makeup right after a facial can cause skin irritation and even breakouts. Bacteria or germs in your makeup tools can transmit into your skin due to open pores. Nonetheless, if applying makeup is unavoidable, make sure to keep it light and clean your application tools thoroughly.

4.      Don’t use harsh products!

Due to the high sensitivity of your skin post-facial, you’ll have to ensure that you’re gentle with it. Use mild products and gentle cleansers instead of harsh beauty products as they can be detrimental to your skin after a facial. Eliminate the toner from your beauty routine for a few days as well.

5.      Avoid touching your face!

Studies suggest that an average person touches their face 20-23 times in an hour. It is probably the worst thing you can do to your skin after a facial. Bacteria and germs on your hands can make home in your open pores if you keep touching your face.

6.      Clean your towels and pillowcases

Dirty pillowcases and towels contain dirt and dust that can make their way to your open pores and lead to acne and inflammation. Use clean towels and pillows post-facial to avoid it.

7.      Drink plenty of water

Products used in a facial have done their job of hydrating your skin and making it glow. Now, it’s your job to hydrate your body enough to make the glow last. Water or juices can help you with staying hydrated.

8.      Reschedule wax or laser appointments

Wax exfoliates your skin and can lead to over-exfoliation if you get your waxing done after the facial. Your skin needs time to heal after a facial, and waxing can be traumatic for your skin in this instance. Additionally, consult the Best Dermatologist in Model Town Lahore or the Best Dermatologist in DHA Karachi to know when it will be safe for you to get your laser treatment for your face.


These simple steps can help you prevent a post-facial breakout as well as prolong your facial glow. Follow these and make the most out of the money you’ve spent in this.