How to Spruce Up Your Roller Blinds?

How to Spruce Up Your Roller Blinds?

Blinds are an excellent option for any home, but they often need additional touch to reflect the user’s personality. One exciting way to spruce up roller type blinds is by lining them with fabric.

There are a few reasons to put fabric on roller type blinds. It may be to add a bit of colour or pattern to a room or make them a bit more plush and luxurious.

Measure the width of the roller blinds and cut the fabric to size. Then, peel off the backing from the double-sided tape and attach the fabric to the front of the roller type blinds. All the requirement is some fabric like fleece because it’s nice and soft, scissors, and double-sided tape.

How to Cut Fabric to the Right Size For Roller Type Blinds?

There’s nothing more satisfying than creating your own custom roller blinds for window treatments. This allows the user to customise them to fit the windows perfectly.

Before getting started, one crucial step is needed: measuring the fabric to the correct size. If the fabric is too small, blinds will look unfinished. If it is too large, the user can have a lot of excess material.

First, measure the width of the door or the window from top to bottom. Then, add 3-4 inches to allow for hemming. Next, neatly measure the length of the window from left to right and add 6-8 inches for hems and top and bottom treatments.

It is always recommended to use a rotary cutter for clean and straight lines.

How to Make a Pattern For Roller Type Blinds Using Pencil, Ruler, and Scissors?

First, it is recommended to use a pencil and ruler to draw a horizontal line across the middle of the roller blind. This will be a guide for cutting the fabric.

Next, start cutting vertical strips of fabric, making sure to follow the line drawn in the previous step. Once a few strips are cut, start overlapping them until the desired pattern is created. Secure the strips in place with tape or glue.

How to Sew or Hot Glue Fabrics Onto Roller Type Blinds?

To actively add a little bit of luxury to the roller type blinds, try sewing or hot gluing fabrics onto them. This is a straightforward way to add some extra texture and interest to window treatments, and it’s definitely a great way to use up any leftover fabric the user might have lying around.

If not confident with sewing skills, hot gluing the fabric onto the blinds is probably the easiest option. Cut fabric into strips (or use fabric scraps) and then glue them onto the roller type blinds, starting at the top and working way down. Make sure to smooth out any wrinkles and keep the fabric strips even.

If you feel more ambitious, try sewing the fabrics onto the roller type blinds. Start by measuring and cutting fabric strips, then sew them onto the blinds using a basic straight stitch. It is recommended to begin at the top of the blinds and work way down to catch all four sides of the fabric strip in stitching. This will give a neater finish.

Once you have finished attaching fabrics, hang the roller type blinds up and admire your efforts. You could even add a touch of decoration to fabrics using plain fabric paints or decorative stitch patterns. These simple ideas can transform boring old roller type blinds into beautiful home decor pieces.


A D.I.Y. challenge can help achieve this goal to make roller type blinds lusher. This can easily add more style and sophistication to window treatments. A little effort can create a stunning look that will transform the entire room.