How to select attractive garden pots for commercial places?

How to select attractive garden pots for commercial places?

It may be confusing for you to choose a garden pot for your commercial building property. There is an ocean of varieties available when you search for gardening plants and pots. But there is always a point at what you choose for your place. Choosing the wrong material or inconvenient pots is a complete waste of your investment. There are several things that you have to notice before selecting a pot for your workplace. So before you buy an attractive pot, do little homework with the factors on this page and set a particular variety of plants.

Tips for choosing garden pots

Sufficient drainage

You may know that every plant needs a fixed moisture content to maintain its freshness. In cases of excess water content, it makes the soil adequate for plant growth. The garden pots you select for the commercial property must have an adequate drainage facility. Only then the excess water will drain through the drainage holes. If not this, the excess water stays in your pot and rots the plant. Check for the proper size of the drainage hole in your pot. A medium-size hole is suggested for normal plants, but you may consider the large hole when you plant a cactus. Planting in large garden pots with multi holes can increase the healthy growth of your plant.

Air circulation

The material of the pots must not bind the soil together, and it must have several pores for aeration. The aeration of roots can cool the plants and prevent them from drying. Large garden pots which are made of glass fibre reinforced concrete will support you with good aeration. This type of material never allows heat to the roots of plants. This helps in maintaining the soil moisture and prevents the effects of sunlight.

Weight and mobility

The weight of the pot increases when you fill the soil. If you buy a large pot, then you must handle the weight accordingly. More weight pots are safer for the commercial spot because the mobility gets decreased when there is more weight. If you choose a more heavy plant, then the pot must bear with it. 

Space functionality

Try to fix the location of your pottery and then search for the right one. Consider the size according to the space availability. Choose a location that is more spacious so that you can handle the traffic flow. You may like to decorate your main entrance with pottery, but it is not available. Try to locate your pottery at the corner where the eyesight of people goes. Check for the proper lighting and aeration. Attractive pots merge with beautiful plants. 

The design style

The colour and design of your pot is the main factor of elegance at your commercial place. Your choice of colour must blend with the location. There are lots of colour choices available when you prefer a GRC pot. You can customize your style to a GRC pot. Consider the shape of the pot, which is an added element for the attractive look. You may either pick matt-finished pots are glossy pots according to your flooring and painting. If your wall is painted dark, then prefer pale or white colour pots.


This is one of the important things to be considered. At your commercial place, there may be a chance of rough handling and hitting of pots. You must choose a solid pot to withstand all situations. Who can’t offer to change pots frequently at your commercial, so better check for the durability of your pot.

Bottom line:

Your commercial place becomes more peaceful and elegant with stunning GRC pottery. At your hotels and restaurants, these pots may grab more customers and develop your business.