How to save all snapchat messages automatically ?

How to save all snapchat messages automatically ?

Snapchat is the widely used social media app used by many users all around the world. Snapchat is used by many celebrities to share their daily lives to their fans. Today in this post, we will show you how to save all  Snapchat messages automatically just in case you are finding it difficult to do so.

How to save all Snapchat messages automatically ?

  • From smartphones and tablets

A different speech should be made for saving Snapchat chats , since this application is based on its ephemeral contents that disappear over time. The chats between users also have this feature; consequently the messages, if not saved, disappear after they have been viewed.

Through the Snapchat application for  Android or iOS devices , go to the Friends > Chat section , tap on the conversation you want to save and hold your finger on the message to keep in memory. Then tap on Save in Chat : in this way, the message will be saved in the history and will not be deleted when you leave the conversation.

Alternatively, to save a Snapchat chat, you can take a screenshot of the conversation via your device. In the latter case, however, keep in mind that both participants of the chat will see the notification of the screen within the chat itself, with the words You have taken a screenshot of the chat.

  • From computer

Snapchat cannot be used by Windows or Mac computers, therefore the only way to save the chats of this social network is by using the application on Android or iOS mobile devices. Then refer to the previous paragraph.

Alternatively, if you need to save Snapchat conversations from a computer, you can use an Android emulator to run the application in question and then follow the steps indicated in the previous paragraph.

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How to keep your chats for 24 hours on Snapchat ?

In its snap video, Snapchat explains how to store Chats for 24 hours. You need to go to the chat screen with a friend. Next:

Tap the menu at the top right,

then on “Delete chats”,

and select “24 hours after being seen”.

A message is then displayed on Snapchat: “Chats will be deleted after 24 hours. The deletion of chats is scheduled to take place 24 hours after being seen. You can change this in the Chat settings ”.

Snapchat has made its reputation through one time see content. Originally, it was not possible to view a Snap or Chat again. Little by little, the platform allowed its users to review snaps and save chats. The application takes a new step here by allowing users to keep Chats for 24 hours. However, Snapchat does not go so far as to copy its competitor Instagram, which keeps all users’ private messages.

How to save messages on Snapchat ?

Responding to the sweet name of “Cats”, the messages that are exchanged on the Californian application have the particularity of being ephemeral. This is what makes the uniqueness of the social network and what gives it its identity. Occasionally, however, Snapchaters may want to keep a message. Far from being chained to its positions, the application allows these backups.

Know how to manage your contacts and messages on Snapchatis a real plus if you want to get the most out of the application and use it in a smooth and pleasant way. One of the things that can be interesting to master is learning to record messages. Indeed, if the ephemeral dimension gives all its spice and interest to this social media, certain messages deserve to be kept. 

Whether it is to keep in mind a lovely declaration of love or friendship, or to let you read over and over again a turn of phrase that made you howl with laughter, this feature can significantly improve the quality of the message. user experience. It can even become decisive if you have to deal with delicate situations. 

Thus, if you are the victim of insults, threats, or even cyber-harassment on the network, the safeguard becomes a concrete proof which will be able to allow you to react vis-a-vis an interlocutor who went too far. Note that we are only talking about written messages sent over the network and not about Snaps you receive. The latter cannot in fact be recorded but only captured via screenshots.

  1. After opening your Snapchat application on your mobile by touching the iconic white ghost logo on a yellow background, go to the window dedicated to friends. To access it from the home page, simply swipe the screen to the right.

You can also touch the ” Chat ” icon, located at the bottom left of your screen.

  1. Touch the name of the contact or group in question. This will open the conversation you are having with him and you will be able to find the message to record (avoid pressing on the profile image, you will access the personal page of this interlocutor, which will add an additional step).
  2. Once the conversation is open, make a long press on the message you want to record.
  3. After this action, you will see the selected message appear in a white frame. In a second frame, just below, you can see the words ”  Save in Chat  “, above ”  Copy  “. Select it to save the message.

The message is saved! It will now appear on a gray background to report its status to other members of the conversation. If you change your mind later, just repeat the operation and then choose ”  Cancel Chat Registration  “.