How To Remove Termites From A Property?

How To Remove Termites From A Property?

Termites are the most difficult to deal with pests attacking hundreds of residential and commercial properties on the Gold Coast. They make their way to your home either through the air or the ground. As a result, many houses and commercial properties require termite control services Gold Coast

When an existing colony of termites sends out swarmers to look for the wooden structure to breed upon, it is known as Drywood termite infestation. On finding a wooden crevice, the swarmers shed their wings, make a little nest to lay eggs in, and start to make a new colony. However, when subterranean termites enter your property through its foundation, they begin to create colonies underground. These termites then keep looking for new food sources in your property to infest it further. It is common for subterranean termites to build mud tunnels over foundation walls to get into the wooden parts of the structure.   

How Do You Know If Your Property Has Been Attacked By Termites?   

It is challenging to spot termites in your property as they prefer staying hidden at all times. However, some signs indicate their presence and keeping a close eye on these signs can help you spot the termite infestation issue early.  

Termites tend to make clicking sounds. If you hear some clicking noise from your walls, it is best to assume there’s a pest infestation issue prevailing in your property. Also, worker termites make a noisy sound when eating your wooden structure. It is best to put your ears to your wooden furniture to check the munching sound. This sounds usually indicates the attack of worker termites.   

Another critical sign to spot termites is frass termite droppings. Again, this is something that professional termite control service providers also check. Drywood termites push their poo out of small holes near their nest entrance, which leaves black marks and powdery substances in the area around where they live. You can also spot termite infestation issues by seeing discarded wings of flying termites. Once male and female termites pair up, they lose their wings, crawl to a suitable site to mate and create a new colony.   

Once you spot termites on your property, it is obvious you would want to kill them. However, it is essential to know that killing termites isn’t easy. If you follow an incorrect procedure, you are likely to increase the issue more. This is because the treatment may cause the termites to leave your home’s current wooden structure or wall and move on to the others, thus spreading the infestation even more.  

How To Remove Termites  

You may follow any of the below-given DIY methods to remove termites from your property.  

  1. Liquid Termite Barrier – You can use this DIY treatment to kill termites on your property and prevent them from coming back again. The idea is to surround your home with a pesticide barrier to poison any termite coming in its contact.
  1. Poison Bait – You can use poisoned bait if you aren’t comfortable spraying pesticides all over your property. This method requires you to install poisoned bait in various corners of the property to attract termites. Once they eat this, they will carry the poison to their colonies, thus causing all termites to die. 
  1. Professional Services – If you aren’t confident about carrying on the termite infestation treatment on your own, you can hire a professional pest control company to do the job. Pest control experts will examine your property, check for the infestation level and carry out the desired treatment to give you satisfactory results.