How to Legally Handle Train Accidents in Alaska

How to Legally Handle Train Accidents in Alaska

Although we are used to road accidents, train accidents are becoming more common. Train accident victims should not be left to suffer while there’s a legal avenue for justice. If you’ve been involved in a train or vehicle accident in Alaska, it’s your right to claim compensation for injury claims resulting from such accidents.

Alaska laws a section focusing on personal injury claims resulting from train accidents. Unfortunately, insurance companies will use all tricks to avoid liability by challenging even the most legitimate injury claims. This is why you should involve an Alaska train accident attorney if you’ve been involved in a train accident.

Causes of Train Accidents

As per the Federal Railroad Administration, over 3,000 railway accidents occur annually in the U.S, leading to over 1,000 train accident deaths annually. Railroad accidents may result from collisions involving other trains, cars, or buses, derailments, or fires. Other causes of train accidents include:


  • Mechanical and electrical failures.
  • Structural defects and railway maintenance issues.
  • Human error, such as communication errors.
  • Driver fatigue.
  • Driving under the influence.

Common Carriers

These are entities that are in the business of transporting people or via defined routes and schedules. Common carriers range from railways to airlines, ships, trucks, and others. They have a legal obligation for the safe arrival of clients to their destinations and will be liable for injuries that could be prevented while traveling. This includes negligence while transporting passengers and cargo.

Types of Train Accidents

Railroads are constantly used to transport passengers and cargo, although not the most popular means of transportation. It’s the most preferred alternative to air transport or long road trips. However, if the machines are involved in an accident, it can be catastrophic. The common types of train accidents include:

  • Colliding with other trains.
  • Colliding with debris on rail tracks.
  • Collision with motor vehicles.
  • Machine failure.

Duties of a Train Accident Attorney

The duties of an attorney are extensive, including, but not limited to, the following:

Explaining Legal Rights

An accident attorney should explain how an accident and different legal issues can impact the rights of their clients. Different jurisdictions have different laws, such as statutes of limitations and comparative negligence.

Statute of limitations provides a time frame for filing a lawsuit. Comparative negligence laws are used to determine whether plaintiffs can sue for compensation if they’re partly to blame for an accident. They also outline how awards are to be recovered.

Legal Representation

Not all personal injury cases end up in court; the majority are settled before a lawsuit is filed, but if the insurance company denies a claim, such cases go for a court trial.

Advisory Role

Competent injury attorneys should educate clients on how the legal system works. They should explain complex legal jargon, handle arising medical issues & insurance matters, besides filling paperwork necessary for the case. An injury attorney can also recommend an appropriate treatment plan and document any relationship between the accident and clients’ injuries. Additionally, they should provide an objective opinion to the injury victim who will likely be experiencing feelings that may hinder sound judgment.

When to Contact a Train Accident Attorney?

Besides contacting an Alaska train attorney only for the injuries sustained in accidents, you can also contact them in the following scenarios:

When Your Claims have been denied

If you’re sure that you were not to blame for the accident, and the insurance company is complicating the situation, you need a personal injury lawyer to represent you.

Multiple Accidents
In some cases, train accident cases can have multiple defendants, which may complicate the situation. A train accident attorney should be the right person to determine who will be the legitimate plaintiff and/ or defendant.

Qualities of a Competent Train Accident Attorney

Confusion sets in when faced with complicated legal situations, such as pursuing claims for accident injuries. At such times, you may need the services of a competent attorney, but before diving headfirst, you should ensure you’re hiring a reliable legal expert. What makes a competent train accident attorney? Unfortunately, not all attorneys are cut for the job. However, the following are the ideal skills of a lawyer:

· Passion for Law.

· Compassionate.

· Great Communication Skills.

· Conversant with Law.

  • Listening skills.

Accepting Settlement Offers
However much appealing the offer may be, always consult a lawyer before accepting offers. Insurance companies will do everything to seal unfair deals with injury victims in the absence of their lawyers. As a rule of thumb, your attorney should be the main person dealing with the insurance company.

If you’ve been involved in a train accident, a competent train accident attorney can help you get compensation for injuries sustained and you’ll be on your way to recovery.