How To Keep Your Home Spacious And Clean

How To Keep Your Home Spacious And Clean

You may have a huge house by its square feet that looks smaller in volume and space. Similarly, your house may be smaller, but you can make it look bigger. How your home looks in terms of space and cleanliness has a lot to do with organizing and decorating it. The illusion of space is what makes a home look bigger. 

There are various things you can do to achieve a more spacious and cleaner look for your home. They include your choice of furniture, arrangement, alignment, colors, and paint of the room. 

Here are a few tricks that can help you enhance the space and cleanliness in your home: 

  • Take On A Decluttering Exercise

There’s a high chance that your home looks smaller and dull because of clutter. You can have the right items, such as furniture and décor, but if they’re in the wrong places, your home will still look disorganized and cramped. To create more space, you’ll need to open up your home, and a decluttering exercise is a great way to go. 

You may be surprised at how much stuff you have in your house that you don’t need, and which is eating into the space in your home. Decluttering can include the removal of oversized furniture, as well as clearing shelves, cabinets, and countertops. You may need to involve a group like this in this regard. They’ll help you get rid of all the clutter after you’re done clearing what you don’t need.  

  • Improve Ease Of Movement In Your Home

If you want to test how cramped your home is, check how easy it is for you and other people in your household to move. Take a moment and observe how traffic in your home flows. If people are bumping into each other or things along the way, the house is way too cramped. That means you have more items than you need in the space. But, it could also be an issue of organization. 

You may want to remove items creating obstacles in movements around a room. You can move them to more suitable places or get rid of them altogether if they aren’t serving much purpose in the home. When traffic in the house is flowing freely, you’ll have fewer hard-to-reach areas when cleaning. In addition, it shows that you’ve utilized the space adequately.

  • Clean The Home

If you want your home to look clean, well, clean it. Cleaning your home properly makes you move things around and remove unnecessary items. It makes the space look livable and spacious. Create a cleaning routine where you ensure that you clean every corner of the house thoroughly. 

Since cleaning can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task, you can consider hiring professional cleaners to deep-clean your home. Cleaning a home can transform your property from being dull and unwelcoming, to being spacious, clean, and inviting. 

  • Optimize Your Furniture

Among the items that take the most space in a home is furniture. But, because you can’t live without furniture, you can decide on what type and the amount of furniture pieces you want to keep. One of the best practices is to buy furniture with legs to allow light to penetrate the home. It also allows you to look under and clean. 

Furniture without legs bloc light, making the house look dark and full. This makes the space under the furniture a perfect breeding place for cockroaches and bedbugs. Also, try and pick multipurpose or folding furniture that can serve your family’s needs. Always place your furniture away from the walls and toward the center of the room. 

  • Place Mirrors In The Home

Mirrors are some of the best home décor items when you want to make your spaces look larger. They help create an illusion of depth and expanse in a room. Mirrors also reflect light within a room to improve brightness. They can redirect light to places that it usually doesn’t penetrate and help you maintain a cleaner home. 

However, you should mind the positioning of the mirrors for maximum impact. You can choose a large mirror or smaller ones in designated areas.

  • Paint Your Home With Light Colors

A space that’s been painted in dark colors can feel constricted and small. It’s because the light doesn’t reflect as well as it should. When you paint your home with lighter hues of similar shades, it makes the rooms look bigger. In addition, this method helps create a clean feel besides reflecting light properly around the rooms. 

This is usually an excellent way to achieve a cleaner look for your home, while still creating an illusion of space. Some of the best colors for making a home look brighter and more spacious include white, beige, grey, and lilac.


From what’s discussed above, you can see that small changes can significantly impact how your home looks. To create space, ensure that you declutter and only leave what’s necessary. You’ll find that space is well-utilized, and the house is easier to clean and maintain.