How To Fix Quickbooks Invalid Customer

How To Fix Quickbooks Invalid Customer

In today’s era of 2020, dealing with files and folders for managing your accounts is surely outdated. QuickBooks by Intuit being of the best accounting software not only helps to manage the company’s finances but help in filing tax returns on time.

But despite these unmatchable features, you might get an error saying invalid customer ID. This occurs when the official services detect any invalid customer id with online services like banking, etc. An error of such kind is found in the log files of QuickBooks that is QBwin.log.

In order to get rid of this issue, it is advisable to get in touch with the expert professionals at the QuickBooks customer service number, as they are there to assist you 24*7. You can even try following the below-mentioned two major solutions.

Try correcting the customer ID and order to perform any online service in Account Charts then:

Start by selecting the Company Option and then click on the Charts of Accounts.
Now in that list look for your bank account the has enabled the online services.
Then tap the right-click button on the specified bank account and then click on the Edit Account option available.

After doing this, you have to go to the settings tab for your Bank Feed.

Now under the settings section, go and make the required corrections in the Customer ID. Once done click on ‘OK’ and close down the settings tab and come off the screen.
And finally, to check if the changes have been made or not, run a similar data utility in order to make it has changed the customer IDs.
Try by verifying your online bank information in your QuickBooks account:

Start by going on to the ‘List’ menu and select the ‘Chart of Accounts’ option available.
Now when you get the error pop-up on the screen, then press the right-click on the account associated with your online service of QuickBooks like Banking.

Then go the ‘Edit Account’ option and go the ‘Bank Feed’ settings.

Make sure your Customer ID information matches with the Customer Id that is given for documentation or for the manual of Online Account Access providers by your specified Bank or Financial Institutions.

In case the Customer ID doesn’t matches, then correct or rectify the error of this information and then click on save and close the option on-screen.

These steps might step you get rid of this error of invalid customer ID in your QuickBooks Online. Or in case you require quick and reasonable assistance, you can take the help of the expert techies at the QuickBooks support number.

They will easily figure out the exact reason and troubleshoot the issue. They are trained and qualified to assist you and give you the best possible solution and that too 24*7.