How To Edit Videos With InVideo: A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Edit Videos With InVideo: A Step-by-Step Guide

It is quite intimidating for a beginner to edit his or her first video. That’s because there are several aspects to consider. Also, there are different tweaks an online video editor needs to make. Not to mention, the typical video editing tools like InVideo come with different options to choose from.

Not just video editing, but learning any skill indeed takes a good amount of time. But in this fast-paced world, you will hardly find individuals who love the idea of spending months sitting through different video tutorials learning the ins and outs of this craft.

The idea here is video editing does not need to be so very exhausting! But how?

Simple- have the right video editing tool handy, and this will possibly flatten your learning curve. Here, you will find a good introduction to InVideo the easy-to-use and fast video editing tool that will help you edit videos like a pro and in just a few minutes.

Factors to Consider When Starting with Video Editing 

It is quite likely for beginners in this field to think of the process as easy as opening the video editor and using its varied options to get the job done. No, it’s not like that. And even if this is partially true, it becomes necessary for a video editor to find the right tool based on the device they are using.

Half of the editing procedure is taking the right preparations. Before embarking on the use of a video editing tool, you will have to take the following steps. These are:

  • Determining the type of videos, you will be making: This requires setting realistic expectations. You must ponder on how to create video edits. In the very beginning, it will be difficult for you to aim for complete perfection. It would not be possible at all. The best is to start with short and simple videos that do not require a lot of editing.¬†
  • Keeping everything simple and neatly organized: Keeping the folders and the files on your laptop or computer fully organized, neat is the best practice. Imagine the chaos you would have to handle if the files and folders are not managed properly with the correct names. Name the files according to the assignments and sort them into various folders as per the theme of the video editing project. Create separate folders for images and sound. Proper file organization will save you headaches and time.¬†
  • Having a backup of the video footage is essential, and it will save you from unnecessary frustration. There is nothing crueler than losing the hours of hard work that you might have put into your assignment. Going by the general rule of thumb followed in the video editing field is saving video footage very often.

With InVideo coming in handy, you will not have to worry about the third consideration, all thanks to this cloud-based video editing platform. All the videos edited and made through InVideo remain stored in the cloud automatically.

So, the users always have an online backup of their work, and they can even download the same without spending anything on using online storage.

Where to Start?

Everything important being said and done, it is quite probable for you to wonder where to start from. When it is about creating and editing the best of videos, there is no other place as good as InVideo to start with.

This tool works most effectively for beginners. Since this is a web-based editing platform, the users do not need to download any software for using it. Best of everything, users get to edit and even export around 60 videos every month, and that too without spending any money.

Coming to the point of editing videos using InVideo, here’s a step-wise guide:

  • Go through the simple process of creating an account on InVideo website. Click on the Sign-up button and put in your name, contact number, and email address. You must also set a password and get going.
  • Next, once you log in, you will be redirected to InVideo home page. This is where you can start following some simple steps that will help you complete your video editing journey.
  • Choose the video type you are looking to create.
  • Pick a suitable template.
  • Have your hands on varied editing options
  • Export video.

Choosing the Video Type You Are Looking to Create

There are three varied options available for you. These include pre-made templates, blank templates, and text-to-video. The pre-made templates tab will offer you different types of videos that can be created and edited.

You can pick between Instagram and Facebook story videos, Twitter timeline, LinkedIn newsfeed, and Facebook advertisements. Then there is the text-to-video option where you can upload script along with your own URL and media files.

Here again, you will have several templates to make your choice. InVideo will automatically convert text into an awesome video. This option is very useful because if you are looking to feature a lot of text in your video, you will not have to do this manually.

The ones with video editing experience can use the Blank template option for creating videos from scratch. Here again, the users can use InVideo’s extensive media library and leverage its drag-and-drop editor for adding filters, layers, animation, transitions, and other fun components to their videos.

Picking the Right Template

Users have the option of making their choice from a list of more than 2000 professionally designed templates. Upload footage and make some changes through the tool’s drag-and-drop editor. You can utilize promo video templates which are easy to the editor it saves time.

Try Varied Editing Options

InVideo is an easy-to-use video editing tool where users do not have any trouble looking for options for editing their videos. Many advanced options experienced editors can use for offering pro-level video editing results.

These options include text, music, media, effects, stickers, enhancers, shapes, and uploads. The advanced options help users in customizing animations, effects, and text further.

Exporting Videos

Once the editing procedure is complete, users can click on the Export option to download the content. They can even share the content with their colleagues and friends on different social media platforms.


With easy-to-use and simple editing options, it can rightly be said that InVideo is the best editing tool one can have for guaranteed best results. The tool makes it easy for its users to create breathtaking videos like a professional. You can use it for free without going through any hassle. Happy editing!