How to Design Advertising and Brand Promotion Flags with the Best Impact

How to Design Advertising and Brand Promotion Flags with the Best Impact

As useful as it is for businesses to engage their target audiences over digital channels, outdoor advertising remains popular across all local businesses. The ability to customize messages for local consumption is essential for small business success, according to Forbes. With large billboards and fancy digital graphics displays costing a bomb, they are out of reach of small businesses. However, advertising and brand promotion flags remain an all-time favorite with them for their several advantages like simplicity, ease of setting up, and affordability.

Choose a Shape That Allows You to Display Your Message Properly 

While the most common shapes of ad flags are rectangular and square because they allow the maximum space for displaying the brand message, there is absolutely no reason for you to have a different shape like a feather or a teardrop. A feather flag works better where the area is crowded and you may not be able to display a conventional rectangular flag properly. Since a feather flag is taller than it is wide, it can be placed in even aisles or sidewalks without obstructing the passersby. Triangular flags are also practical if you want to raise brand awareness with a logo or graphic display. If you are in a position to order flags in bulk, you can also choose a shape unique to your business.

Keep the Design Simple 

It can be tempting to try to impress your target audience with complicated designs and intricate details, however, you must appreciate that the purpose of advertising flags is not to dazzle people with the design but to raise brand awareness or get a marketing message across. You, therefore, need to keep the design as simple as possible to enable people to absorb the message even as they are walking or driving by. Any message on the flag should be readable and understandable in the couple of seconds it is seen by a potential customer.

Reinforce Your Brand

Even though there are endless design possibilities for your ad flag, you must remain true to your brand identity. As important as it is to create a striking design with vibrant colors and images, it is also critical to align them with your brand identity. Your design must contain elements that strengthen your brand because if it contains other elements that are out of line, it may confuse your target audience.                                                            

Include Only the Essentials                                                                                               

Even though it may be tempting to include a lot of information on your ad flag, it is not advisable to add text because, on a fluttering flag, it can be very difficult for people to make it out in a short time. It is best to communicate your message using images and that too in a very limited manner.   


When you are designing a brand promotion flag, you must appreciate that people only have a second or two to notice it and get your message. Do whatever it takes to keep the design striking but simple. Including too many details can spoil the entire purpose of the flag since people will tend to ignore it.