How Long Will You Have Swelling After Facelift Surgery?

How Long Will You Have Swelling After Facelift Surgery?

Fear of aging and loss of beauty trail people to the facelift surgery in New York City. It is one of the most famous ways to tighten and shape your face. When you are thinking of possessing this surgery, you must know the side effects that come along with the procedure. The common thing most patients experience is swelling. You need to know about this in advance so that proper measures you can take to improve it. Let us understand them in detail.

How does a facelift work?

Plenty of techniques are involved in the facelift technique. This thing depends on which part you have to focus on- it could be your entire face, mid-face, lower neck, or neck. Most people target their whole face. This procedure takes 2 to 4 hours to complete.

Firstly the surgeon will make incisions which will result in tighten muscles and tissue structure. It will make you appear younger. Once the skin is trimmed incisions will be closed.

Swelling on face

Swelling is standard after the surgery. It may occur around your jawline, chin, or mouth when you undergo a facelift on the whole face, and other than that it depends on the part of the surgery that has taken place. Swelling has expected to have for 3 to 4 weeks.

What are the methods to reduce swelling after a facelift?

Let’s discuss the points that will help in reducing swelling in the face.

Use ice packs

Applying ice packs can be beneficial for your skin. If you will apply a cold compress to your face for about 20 minutes, it will help to reduce the inflammation. Make sure you do not leave the compress in one spot for too long.

Avoid heat sources

Heat can make the swelling more prominent. When you have undergone the surgery, you must stay away from heat sources while you are recovering. Keep yourself isolated in the house under the air conditioner.

Eat healthily and rest appropriately

One of the keys to better and fast recovery is to eat healthily and take rest as possible. If you will stay hydrated, increase your rest time and eat healthy food, your body will heal naturally.

Keep your head uplifted

It is recommended to keep your head elevated when resting to avoid any unnecessary pressure and excess blood that can flow from the area. And do not forget to follow the instructions your surgeon ask for.

Are you considering having a facelift in New York City? You can have it without any issues. Yes, no doubt you may experience various side effects, like swelling. But on the path of recovery, you have to face this hurdle. To make yourself younger for many years, contact Plastic Surgery of New York. They will be happy to make you look stunning and will try to give you fewer side effects. You can trust them for your facelift surgery because they are considered the top priority of most people. Visit their website to know more about them and for the appointment.