Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters for Bariatric Users to Enjoy Independent Lifestyle

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters for Bariatric Users to Enjoy Independent Lifestyle

If you fall in the bariatric category and even suffering from limited mobility or any kind of disability, then leading a happy life is like a distant dream. Confining to the four walls of a house may affect you mentally, socially and psychologically. So, this is the best time to break the barrier and lead an active lifestyle by using heavy duty mobility scooters.

What is a Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter?

As the name clearly indicates, these scooters are ideal to use by heavy users. The standard mobility scooters are designed for people having the weight of 300-350 lbs but heavy duty scooters are ideal to use by bariatric seniors having higher weight capacities, say up to 500 lbs. In comparison to standard units, these scooters have bigger chassis, bigger motors and wider bases and seats to sit and relax comfortably. They even have bigger wheels and higher ground clearances giving them the freedom to ride comfortably even on unleveled surfaces. This is one USP of heavy duty scooters, which gives them an upper edge over lighter models as the latter is not designed to handle rough landscapes.

These scooters support robust and durable construction from materials like aluminum, stainless steel, etc. Engineered with perfection and equipped with advanced electronics, these scooters aim at offering a free and independent lifestyle to seniors, who are heavier and suffering from mobility issues. Once they start traveling alone, they feel confident which eventually helps in improving their quality of life.

Different styles and brands of heavy duty mobility scooters are available in the marketplace. Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies are the two leading companies that have launched several models of heavy duty scooters but not all are right for you. Thus, you need to choose one scooter, which is both easy to operate and safe to drive. Besides this, consider these factors also to make an informed decision:

  1. Where to Use It: Some scooters are ideal to use indoors whereas some offer even safe ride on uneven terrains also. So, firstly you have to decide where you want to ride it and accordingly start your search.
  2. Type of Seat: Usually, mobility scooters come with a padded seat so that users can sit comfortably especially during long rides. But not all seats are height adjustable or swivel. If there are two users of the scooter with different heights, then go for a scooter with a height-adjustable feature. On the other hand, if you want to ensure safe transfer to and from the scooter without struggling to sit down or standing up, the swivel seat is a perfect choice. Some scooters come with padded armrests and headrests as well to avoid strain on arms and neck respectively. So, choose the model after considering your body needs.
  3. Weight Capacity: The heavy duty mobility scooters can hold a maximum weight up to 500 lbs. And usually, seniors carry oxygen cylinder and other important belongings while traveling on these scooters, which eventually increase their overall weight. Carrying more than specified weight capacity leads to motor damage and scooter instability. So if you fall in the weight category of up to 450 lbs, then choosing a heavy duty scooter with a weight holding capacity of 500 lbs is the right decision so that you can travel safely with your belongings. Else, you need to look for other models with greater weight capacities.
  4. Storage Compartment: Some scooters feature a storage basket at the back or at the front whereas some have a storage compartment underneath the seat. So, choose such a model where you can store things easily.

So, if you are suffering from limited mobility issues and bariatric also, choose the right model of heavy duty mobility scooters by paying attention to the aforementioned factors. With a mobility scooter by your side, you can enjoy an active lifestyle forever.