Grow Your Business With the Best Website Monitoring Services

Grow Your Business With the Best Website Monitoring Services

Maybe you searched Google for the best website monitoring services and you have found a few articles talking about the same things. However, you haven’t found that conducive for you as those don’t contain the information you are looking for. 

Website monitoring defines any activity which involves testing a web service or website for its respective performance, availability, and function. Consequently, it constantly monitors and verifies that your website is up and running. It means visitors can use the website to extract relevant information. 

To be precise, website monitoring refers to automated testing or Real User Monitoring(RUM). However, few sites don’t test manually as it is undependable and sporadic, while considering various things. 

How does Website Monitoring Work?

Automated Website Monitoring generally uses a network of computers located near the site and users. These checkpoints interact with the service or the website to verify the service. The monitoring system will elect a checkpoint to test the site, while the checkpoint may go through a plethora of steps to conduct the test. Here are the steps-

  • Establishes a connection with the service or website
  • Checks return for the response code. For creating basic availability, the checkpoint reports the result and makes the test complete. However, it continues to run for more advanced monitoring. 
  • Again, checks return for particular content 
  • Loads content into actual browser
  • Records the load times for single page element
  • Attempting and conducting the monitoring thoroughly 
  • Reports all the findings to the monitoring service. 

If the result contains any errors or slow response time, the service will initiate the check again from a different checkpoint. Therefore, it will verify the constant error before notifying the website support team. 

Types of Website Monitoring

Website monitoring involves performance, availability, and functionality and alerting the staff accordingly.

Availability monitoring

Availability makes sure a website or the services are accessible and functional. It may involve web service, domains, and the pages of the website. 

Performance monitoring

It checks the speed of a website or service. It can also track the connection speed time for the back-end and front-end. Performance monitoring may use RUM technology or synthetic monitoring. It provides the most comprehensive data set including without eliminating any single element. Additionally, it alerts for missing content, page errors, and slow performance. 

Functionality monitoring

Web application that monitors a site’s functionality. It uses scripts that can interact with the site search, forms, and shopping carts. However, if any error occurs, the system alerts the support staff. Although, there can be several errors that can block the users from using the web applications. 

Best Website Monitoring Services

As said earlier, website monitoring will help you identify website issues in real-time. The performance indicators are webpage availability, average web page load time, and web page functionality. 

However, if your website is slow, people will leave your site. Therefore, the bounce rate will increase gradually. 

Nowadays, speed is the key to blow the door off. On that note, website monitoring is mandatory to stay ahead of the competition. You know that your website is the lifeblood of your business and you don’t want to miss anything to foster the growth of your business. 

UptimeRobot– Best free website monitoring service

Have a tight budget? Don’t worry, UptimeRobot is here to help you with its free plan. This may be ideal for you at the start of your business. If you want advanced features, there is also a pro subscription, which will be reasonable for you. 

  • It will take a minute only to set up the entire thing.
  • You can open the tabs 24/7 without checking them yourself every now and then. 
  • With the free plan, you will get all the monitoring features including ping monitoring, HTTP(S) monitoring, port monitoring, response time monitoring.
  • Additionally, this free plan offers one status page and two months of the free plan. 

However, you can upgrade to the pro plan to get more advanced features along with the free plan. Here are some of the additional features like 24-month log retention, one-minute check, SMS alerts, and voice alerts. 

Appdynamics– Best web-based app software monitoring service

Web applications may have diverse and interactive elements, which are not easy to monitor. There are few web apps monitoring services, though it is not sufficient. You need a dedicated service that caters primarily.

On that note, AppDynamics is an application performance management solution.

  • It supports all the web development languages and its framework including PHP, Java, Node.js, C/C+. 
  • It can cover complex platforms including TIBCO, Web methods, JMS, etc.
  • This service performs real-time transaction monitoring across the crucial metrics including slow rate, error rate, load, error rate, and stalls.
  • Additionally, it eliminates the blind spots of the applications by bridging the relationships between various tiers and services. 
  • It automatically detects the anomalies, followed by providing the diagnostics of any issues.
  • This tool captures essential debug data for speeding up the software debugging process. 

AppDynamics has three pricing plans. The pro plan supports multi-cloud topologies mapping and visualizing, key performance metrics, and creating alert policies and health rules.

On the other hand, advanced and peak plans offer additional capabilities based on your requirements. This service is ideal for media, retail, insurance, and healthcare. 

There are some additional features, which include monitoring of application performance, end-user monitoring, monitoring of infrastructure, network monitoring, etc.

You can check out the free trial to get the essence of its services. 

Pingdom– best website monitoring service for small and medium businesses.

It’s a powerful website monitoring service ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. However, this service is suitable for start-ups as well. 

This service gives you the opportunity to choose from either synthetic or real user monitoring for providing you a comprehensive view of your website. 

  • Synthetic monitoring can check the uptime from over 100 locations. It monitors important transactions and provides page speed analysis including shopping cart, checkout, user login, new user registration, search, etc. 
  • RUM or real user monitoring will give you detailed information about how users interact with your website across devices, different browsers, and geographical locations. 

It also monitors the mobile site every 60 seconds to perform the checks. Therefore, users will get a seamless experience across the devices. 

Pingdom has a powerful HTTP-based, restful API for those people who like to automate and customize the monitoring interactions. However, you can hire developers on-demand, who can also write their own scripts based on the requirement. 

It has additional features including Web analytics, Bounce rate checker, Cloud performance monitoring, Monitoring of SSL certificate, etc. 

The Bottom Line 

Based on your particular requirements, you should choose the best website monitoring service. Now, you have options to choose from. Take your time and understand which metrics are important for your website. And in case you’re lost, always remember that you can always reach out to your hired developers for their insights, coming from their expertise. For now, here are our recommendations –

  1. Ipix Technologies

This is a full-fledged IT service company, which provides web development and mobile development services; that results in state-of-the-art web and software development solutions for their customers. 

  1. Codeclouds 

It is an IT company that provides web development, web design services, e-commerce development, mobile application development, etc. Their consistent hard work helps them stand out from the competition. They have the best developers in the set and you can hire offshore developers as per your requirement. 

  1. Nevina Infotech 

Nevina is providing web development, web application, CMS development, etc. They have a team of developers who are into their part by letting no stone unturned. Visit their website to know about their packages.