Essential Things to Know about CELTA Program

Essential Things to Know about CELTA Program

The CELTA program provides you with a range of teaching techniques and hands-on practical experience. The course covers all the principles of effective teaching. Being a student of the course, you get valuable teaching experience and observe experienced teachers. It allows you to apply what you have learned through communicative teaching with the learners of the English language. You can find a CELTA course near you by applying online on the site of a CELTA program provider. Then you can get started with every detail you require to begin your CELTA training. If you have any doubts regarding it, you can clarify them by connecting with an experienced consultant who can guide you in the right direction. 

Why Is CELTA Program Different from Other TESOL Courses?

The Certification in English Language Teaching to adults is a globally recognised teacher certification and training program. It’s accredited by the Cambridge Assessment English of the UK. For more than 30 years, the course has been offered around the world in more than 60 countries. There are over 12,000 graduates of this course every year. It’s apt for a new teacher who is searching for their first job or those desiring to prove to their employers that they possess the teaching skills with a recognised certificate. The course stands out significantly from other TESOL courses. Here are some things that differentiate it.

  • The CELTA program is regulated strictly by Cambridge University. They check that the course tutors and curriculum adheres to the best standards.
  • CELTA teacher trainers have decades of teaching experience. They have also trained intensely to become a teacher trainer.
  • In the course, no trainer teaches more than six trainees at a single time. So, it’s easy to get individual attention and comprehensive feedback. Both these factors are essential to learning and progressing speedily as a teacher. 
  • No other course is as respected as the CELTA program. It is mainly because of the high value of Cambridge university in the TESOL domain. So, no other program opens as many opportunities for teaching as the CELTA.

What are the Learning Outcomes of the Course?

There are many things that you gain after completing the course. They include the following. 

  • You gain the fundamental knowledge of the principles of teaching English effectively. 
  • You will have developed many practical skills for teaching English to adults. 
  • You will have showcased your ability to apply your learning in a practical context. 
  • You will be prepared to start working in various ESL teaching contexts worldwide. 

What Do You Do as Part of the Course?

The course allows you to engage in many things. As part of the CELTA program, you do the following:

  • Train as a member of a small group and get individualised attention and support. 
  • Attend the usual input sessions that concentrate on teaching methodology and language awareness. 
  • Plan and give six hours of observed teaching. You also receive constructive feedback on how you taught. 
  • Create four written assignments on learning, language and teaching theory. 
  • Observe other participants and the experienced teachers of the British Council. 
  • Discover what it’s like working in a successful and busy teaching centre. 

How to Enrol in the Course?

To enrol in a CELTA course, you can apply by going to the website of a CELTA courseprovider. The enrolment process consists of an interview with the teacher trainer, and it is aimed to provide the applicants with a clear picture of the course, what to expect from it, and what’s needed to succeed.

The process also ensures that those who get accepted complete the course. There isn’t any application fee. Applicants get a pre-interview task, after which they get a chance to speak to an experienced course trainer.

If you are ready to take on teaching challenges and gain many lucrative teaching opportunities, the CELTA program is certainly for you.