Error 15106 in Quickbooks – Steps to Fix

Error 15106 in Quickbooks – Steps to Fix

QuickBooks Error 15106, a specific technical issue, occurs while updating the program. It typically indicates that an update process was interrupted, resulting in this unexpected error. You will also encounter some error messages immediately on your screen after getting infected with this technical issue. In this post, we’ve thoroughly explained the causes and fixing methods to repair Quickbooks Error 15106 permanently.

Causes For Error 15106 in Quickbooks

A few possible reasons why you could be facing Quickbooks Update Error 15106 are:

  • The user isn’t logged into the administrator account for Windows.  
  • The antivirus software on the system has blocked QuickBooks folders.
  • UAC settings are interfering in the download of the latest updates.  
  • Presence of Damaged QuickBooks installer files.

Solutions To Resolve Quickbooks Error 15106

The QuickBooks Update error 15106 can bring more errors if not resolved on time. So, the steps below have to be thoroughly read and applied to resolve the issue permanently.

Solution 1: Accessing Your System with an Administrative Account

The foremost reason for Quickbooks Error 15106 is not being logged in as an admin. Hence, follow these steps to start your system with Admin access.

Step 1. Already Logged in? Then Proceed with the Following Steps:
  • Firstly, tap on “QB Desktop Icon”.  
  • Thereafter right-tap on it.
  • Choose “Run As Administrator”.  
  • Now provide the administrator credentials.
  • Then tap “OK”.  
  • Once done, you will be signed in as administrator.  
Step 2: Switching The Account to Log in
  • Firstly, tap on “Start”.
  • Now select “Switch User”.   
  • Provide the administrator credentials now.  
  • After this, it will change the user account to the admin account.

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Solution 2: Cease UAC settings

Sometimes, the UAC settings pose a communication problem between Quickbooks and your system. It makes it necessary to disable its settings. The steps are:

  • Firstly, open “Run Window”. Do it by holding Windows+Run”.
  • Then, write “Control Panel” there and hit “Enter”.  
  • Under “Control Panel”, choose “User Accounts”.  
  • Tap on the prompt appearing on your display. It will ask you permission to modify the account settings. Choose “Yes”.
  • Now, shift the slide to the option named “Never Notify” to disable it. In case you want to activate it, just slide it to the option saying “Always Notify”.  
  • After that, save the changes and restart your system once more.  

Solution 3: Remove Antivirus From the System

If the installed antivirus is causing Quickbooks Update Error 15106 then uninstalling it is the ultimate answer. The steps are:

  • Firstly, open “Task Manager” then tap on “Processes”.  
  • Now, you must select the antivirus process that is operating on your system.  
  • After finding it, tap on it and choose “End Task”.

If somehow you can’t finish the process, just remove the application. The steps are:

  • In the “Search” area, write “Control Panel”.
  • After opening it, choose “Programs/Features”.
  • Tap “Uninstall the Program”.  
  • Thereafter, from the “Installed App List” choose Quickbooks.  
  • Once you find Quickbooks, tap on it to remove it.
  • Lastly, just wait for the software to uninstall then reboot your system.   

The next step is changing the Quickbooks Update folder’s name. Steps for the same are:

  • Firstly, launch “File Explorer” by holding “Windows+E”.  
  • Thereafter, search the QuickBooks folder. Once done access your component folder.  
  • There, find the download folder then right-tap on it. 
  • From “Menu”, select “Rename”.  
  • In the end, just add “Old” at the folder name’s end.   

This step not only fixes the error 15106 but also prevents issues like Quickbooks Error Ps077 from attacking your system. So, make sure to apply these steps in order.

Some Last Words

Finally, this concludes our solutions to Quickbooks Update Error 15106 and we believe now the error won’t trouble you again. The only thing to manage is following the solutions one by one. If you apply troubleshooting methods in a hurry and improperly, the error might come again in the future. So, do not skip any method in between.